Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Spanish Grand Prix Quiz

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A Spanish themed quiz to get you going for the Barcelona race:

Q1. The first Spanish Grand Prix took place in 1951. Can you name the circuit?

Pedralbes in Barcelona

Q2. Two Spanish drivers took part in the race. A point if you name either of them, the entrant, the car manufacturer or the tyre supplier.

Paco Godier, Juan Jover, Scuderia Milano, Maserati or Pirelli

Q3. The first driver named in the question above also drove in later races. How many points did he score?

Paco Godier scored a total of 6 points for two 4th places in 1956. Half a point if 1 point either way

Q4. Emilio de Villota was an F1 Champion, in which series?

The Aurora AFX F1 Championship

Q5. de Villota drove for the March team in 1982. Did he take part in any races?

No he didn't. He failed to pre-qualify 3 times and failed to qualify twice

Q6. Which Spanish Grand Prix driver founded the HRT Formula One team?

Adrian Campos - Campos Meta F1 became HRT

Q7. Which Spanish F1 driver was the team principal of HRT?

Luis Perez-Sala or Luis Perez-Sala Valls Taberner (no extra points for being a smart arse and knowing his full name)

Q7. Which team (he only drove for one) did the driver in the previous question drive for in F1?


Q8. Two Spanish driver took part in the 1999 season. For a point can you name either of them?

Pedro de la Rosa or Marc Gene

Q9. In 2015 three Spanish F1 drivers were racing. Alonso is a given, can you name both of the others for a point (no half points here)?

Carlos Sainz and Roberto Merhi

Q10. Can you name the song from the spoiler questions?

Barcelona by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe
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