Pre-GP Quiz 2019 Abu Dhabi pre race quiz


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here we are doesn't seem that long ago that Angel was doing the Australian GP quiz but 20 races have gone by, here we are at 21st & final pre race quiz of the season. I hope ive made it abit easier than usual, as i know i can make then accidentally tough. we've got 9 abu dhabi questions & 1 from last weekend which I couldn't pass up the opportunity to include. so enjoy it earlier than usual. as It was either today or tuesday

1) Who crashed over the top of HRT of Karthikeyan in 2012 at turn 15
Nico Rosberg

2) Who did Alonso & Webber infamously get stuck behind in 2010 to hand big outsider Vettel his 1st world title & start this run of dominance
Vitaly Petrov

3) 10th anniversary of racing In abu Dhabi. can you remember who has won in last 10yrs, a point for every driver
Vettel Hamilton Raikkonen Rosberg Bottas

4) Who on the current grid & is signed up for 2020 finished last at inaugural race in 2009
Romain Grosjean

5) 3 Things are unique to this race weekend & only happen at this race. point for each
- the pit lane is a tunnel
- twilight race start in day finish at night
- it is the only race on calendar named after the city not the country (that changes in 2020, when we have Mexico city GP)

6) Non europeans dont go well around here. no driver born outside of Europe has ever won & only 2 in the 10 yrs have stood on podium. can you name them
Mark Webber & Felipe Massa

7) who finished the 2018 season upside down & nearly on fire
Nico Hulkenburg

8) After the 2016 title decider, what unwanted record did Hamilton get
Hamilton became the 1st driver to win 10 races & not get crowned.

9) team has competed in every race in Abu Dhabi & has got both cars through to Q3 every yr
Red Bull

10) Carlos Sainz promotion meant he shouldve been 100th time a Spaniard stood on the podium. a feat only 3 other spanish drivers managed. name me 2 of the drivers
Alfonso de portago 🤷‍♂️, Fernando Alonso & Pedro de la rosa
Loved this quiz, I got a massive 8 :thumbsup:I will admit the spoiler on number 7 made me laugh and gave me the answer, I remember him saying it.
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