2010 Drive of the Year

Which is the Drive of the Year?

  • BAHRAIN - Sebastian Vettel

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  • AUSTRALIA - Jenson Button

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  • AUSTRALIA - Robert Kubica

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  • MALAYSIA - Lewis Hamilton

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  • MONACO - Robert Kubica

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  • HUNGARY - Vitaly Petrov

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  • BELGIUM - Lewis Hamilton

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  • ITALY - Jenson Button

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  • KOREA - Sebastian Vettel

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  • BRAZIL - Nico Hulkenburg

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At each race, we have had a vote to decide Driver of the Race. Using the winners as of 21 November 2010; one vote per person, and I'd love to know your reasons for voting!

Because it was the most wonderful example of seeing how a new driver is good, and because he's awesome, Kobayashi managing to pass someone at Valencia!
Lewis Hamilton in China qualified 6th, was in 13th on lap 5 and finished the race in 2nd 1.5s behind his teammate, who was in 2nd by lap 3 and leading from lap 19. Hamilton overtook 13 cars on track including Mark Webber (twice), Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher (twice), Robert Kubica, Vitaly petrov, Rubens Barrichello, Adrian Sutil and the rest. In treacherous conditions he overtook with precision and opportunist guile, while the Red Bulls floundered and ran around like headless chickens.

Even being run off the road in the pitlane didn't phase him. It was an inspired drive from an inspiring driver. :thumbsup:
For me Lewis in Canada. Not the fastest car but without doubt the fastest driver. The only race this year I watched twice.
Hamilton at Silverstone. Qualified 4th when Button couldn't get the McLaren out of Q2 and started 14th. Wrestled an under-performing McLaren with a loose rear-end home to 2nd place, harrying the Red Bull of Webber for a while.
This tricky, i'm trying to think of particually outstanding back to front drives, but I can't think of many. Alonso at Melbourne, Liuzzi at Canada both fell to the back after racing incidents at the first turn. I cant' choose those for obviuos reasons. A few people have chosen Hamilton at Canada, whilst it was a good drive, he only had competition from Button, after RBR had a rubbish stragy, and Alonso sturggled with backmarkers. Buttons drives were straegy mostly, and hardly kept me on the edge of my seat. This is very tricky. :thinking: Had a look at the stats to see Alonso scoring a Grande Chelem at Singapore, and in the absence of anything else I'll vote for that. He was slower than Vettel as well wasn't he?
Lewis also second, so those of you who voted for him are leaving the site open to accusations of bias from various sources! LOL

I admit I've caught Kobayashysteria.
Hamilton's drive in China was nothing compared to Alonso's dominant performance in Singapore.

Don't forget that in Singapore, Fernando Alonso got a Grand Chelem using an inferior car.
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