1976 Italian Grand Prix Highlights

That's the race Lauda makes his 'come back' after receiving the Last Rites upon his near fatal accident 6 weeks earlier at Nurburgring. Awsome!

It's the kind of 'half formed grid'/'rolling start for some' that is 'blamed' for Peterson's shunt two years later.

The Belgian GP of 1981 had something even worse.

It would be kool if you did a 1981 Belgian GP edit, Keke...It was a horror.
The direction of races back then - even into the late 1980s - was atrocious.

Often there'd be a dice or over-taking move for 2nd or 3rd or 4th...and the director would keep the camera on the leader all alone in front.

Great stuff, thanks Keke.

Having trouble with those pesky McLarens Enzo? No problem, we'll just chuck them to the back of the grid on a trumped-up fuel irregularity.

Ah, the 1970s...
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