10 questions to challenge you on a slow day at work.


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Have a go at these (and be honest).

The answers are under the buttons.

1) Tractor company Ferguson built the only car to win a formula one event with what system?

Four Wheel Drive

2) Rob Walker Racing, Formula ones most successful private entrant repainted his cars in the national colour of which country?


3) If the 2010 British GP is held at Donnington, Jim Clark will lose which record?

He will no longer be the only driver to have won the British GP at every venue where it has been held

4) What Logo appeared on the front of James Hunt's Hesketh car?

A yellow teady bear in a white helmet

5) Who won the first GP to be held at Mount Fuji?

Mario Andretti

6) Where were the venues of the United States Grand Prix West and East

West was Long Beach and East was Detroit

7) Who replaced Giovanna Amati at Brabham in 1992?

Damon Hill

8. With which formula one team did Mika Salo make his debut in 1994?


9) When BAR attempted to run cars with seperate sponsorship deals who were the two sponsors?

555 and Lucky Strike

10) Pheonix Finance were prevented from entering F1 by the FIA after they took over the assets of which team?


So there you go. 10 questions to help pass a dull day. Try not to look them up on line and it's just for a bit of fun.

Good Luck

Regards C_A_T :goodday:
Nice one c_a_t :thumbsup:
So it was worth putting the code in for the button after all :D

I'm useless when it comes to this sort of stuff though so rather than prove my ignorance, I'll just sit back and watch everyone else do it ;)
Hmmm... I only got four right, one wrong, five had no idea. Might have done one better if I'd thought about it a bit.

Not sure that 3 is a good question as worded. After all, the 2010 British GP venue is not 100% certain yet...
Bwahahaha! Finally, a decent score! Possibly reflecting a subscription to Motor Sport of over two decades' standing and a vast quantity of dead tree format back issues from the 1950s to '70s...


...and the only one I fluffed was the last. Right, beer.
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