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Right, inspired by this post by siffert_fan:

I would like to hedge by bets and add Tony Brise as my test/development driver. On the two occasions I saw him race, I thought he showed real WDC level talent. His death in Graham Hill's airplane crash robbed us of the chance to find out.

I'm going to say, you are the team principal. You have a great car, but you can't afford top dollar on your drivers. Or middle dollar even. You will have to (because these are the rules) pick two drivers from history who never finished on an F1 podium for your car.

To clarify, you can have any driver to have raced in F1 from 1950-2012, so long as he never finished third or better in Formula One. It'll be interesting to see who is picked in this one...
Marc Surer andStefan Bellof.

Surer never achieved his potential after various accidents which broke his legs
Bellof died aged 27 and should have been the first German World Champion.

I would have chosen Roberto Moreno but the silly sod had a 2nd place in his first race for Benetton.
Justin Wilson - Unfortunately considered too tall for F1 being 6ft 3, but he certainly had speed as shown by his dominant Formula 3000 winning season beating drivers such as Webber & Bourdais and skill overtaking 8 cars on the opening lap of his first F1 race in the worst car on the grid.
Nico Hulkenberg - Cabable of pole in an average car and I think would win in a decent car. Plus he's reasonably tall enough to pair with Wilson in my car designed for tall drivers.
Stefan Bellof- At Monaco 84, he closed down Senna and Prost, maybe he would have won?
Kamui Kobayashi- I think he's better than Perez who has been hyped by Ferrari, I would love to see Kamui in a Mclaren or Red Bull soon
I havn't watched F1 for many years, I only know the prominent drivers from the past and sadly they're excluded from this choice. Hence I'd go for Adrian Sutil (how he isn't on the grid this year I don't know...) and Kamui Kobayashi.
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