Your top 3 F1 teams of the 2008 season?

Your top 3 F1 teams of the 2008 season?

  • Red Bull-Renault

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  • Toyota

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  • BMW Sauber

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  • Williams-Toyota

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  • Honda

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  • Force India-Ferrari

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With just under a month left of the 2008 season, now is the time to start thinking about how the teams have performed.

Which team has performed well with the resources and finances available?
Which teams have made life difficult for themselves?

Who has punched above their weight and who should have done better?

I'll leave the poll open-ended and change of votes is permitted so you can always vote now and amend it later if you wish.


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I have gone for Torro Rosso (even though they don't develop their own chassis), McLaren (as they haven't been the fastest, but have still brought the championship to FIAt F1, despite the FIAt trying to hobble them) and Toyota (as they have improved a lot since last year).

Ferrari and Honda (unfortunately as i'd like to see button in a competetive car) have to be the worst performing teams this year.


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My top 3 are McLaren, Toro Rosso and BMW Sauber.

Toro Rosso and BMW both won their first GPs this year and each through a driver that looks quite brilliant. [Kubica/Vettel]. Kubica is currently beating Raikkonen in the Championship in a much slower car and Heidfeld (bad season) splits the two Finns. They are a lot closer to the big 2 than we thought was going to be possible. Toro Rosso are beating Red Bull. Nuff said.

McLaren also qualify because all season (apart from Germany) they've had a clearly worse car than Ferrari, had the FIA on their backs and still lead both Championships, having made very few mistakes!

The 10 in order:

  1. BMW Sauber
  2. STR Ferrari
  3. McLaren Mercedes
  4. Toyota
  5. Red Bull Renault
  6. Renault
  7. Williams Toyota
  8. Force India Ferrari
  9. Scuderia Ferrari
  10. Super Aguri Honda
  11. Honda


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No real surprises on the results so far then.
Glad to see STR at the top - they deserve it after the results they've had this year.

All because of how much they have improved over the past year, Renault should come into mention for the last part of the season, I wonder if it will penalise their development for next year though.
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