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We've tried various driver of the weekend votes and not driver of the weekend and such like and it has never really worked. So here is a thread for your momenet of the weekend.

There are a number of options here. It could be a performance by a team or driver, a game changing move, a funny moment or what ever had the biggest impact on the weekend for you.

Some examples may be Vandoorne's debut, RoGro's Haas drive, Alonso and Herberts little chat or the chaos of the first lap of the race.

So, what was your moment of the weekend?
I think my moment of the weekend was the visit to Nandos, a half chicken covered in hot sauce, a side of coleslaw and chips. Fantastic. Much better than the qually and the race.

Ok I'll be serious, everything Grosjean and Stoofel did were my highlights. Great race from them both.
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Wehrlein's performance in qualifying and the race ranks as my moment of the weekend. If only Manor can develop that car then low top 10 finishes would be more than possible.
I did tantric GP, pressed pause just before the start, painted the eves on my house why the weather would let me & watched the race later.

Wehrlein overtakes, nice.
I thought the race-long battle between the Sauber team-mates was quite tasty... for a team in financial trouble they didn't seem particularly concerned about avoiding potential repair bills.
I enjoyed watching Vettel supervise the marshalls in FP2 as they put his car on the back of the low loader. Not often a driver seems to care that much.

However, I'm going with KekeTheKing and Hammy's pole lap. Having been bested by his team mate throughout free practice he put Nico straight back in his box and showed that these cars are quick despite all the doom mongers suggesting that the new turbo era isn't as good as the V10 (or V8).
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