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1st problem - it's the 24th October and your two cars have just qualified 1st and 2nd in the inaugural Korean Grand Prix Vettel 0.2 seconds quicker than Webber. What instructions do you give your drivers on the run to the first corner?

2nd problem - It's still the 24th October, your two cars are leading the Grand Prix with 10 laps remaining Webber leading Vettel by 0.5 seconds and Alonso closing fast. Webber has some tyre problems and is holding Vettel up but will almost certainly make it to the end of the race; with €100,000 in your back pocket do you put out a "Vettel is faster than you" radio message?
The first problem is simple enough, dont crash, with the second, it would be more than that if that message went out as both drivers are in the championship hunt, Red Bull could (should) be thrown out of the championship or at the least deducted constructor points.
The 1st point is the same as always: whatever you do, don't take out your teammate.

As for the 2nd, I can't see Mark moving over with 10 laps to go.
I'd like to see the outcome if he was "asked" though :D
In both situations, do nothing.

In the second situation the constructors' championship would be sewn up anyway, and there are still two races to go to fix up the drivers'.
That would be a good call and I would like to see it, I reckon we would have two chassis to be sold for spare parts..
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