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Ha ha - that sound a bit selfish of me! Well done!
No, I totally get how you felt, I'd have felt the same in your position. :)
Here are the results for Japan. Well done to Angel, extending her lead with another big win matched only by cider_and_toast :1st:
vintly was brave in trying to close that gap but fell at the first loosing 2 grand. At least it isn't real money. It will need bravery and strategy now to to catch Angel who it is rumoured has been barred from her local bookies LOL
ROFL Thanks for that Greenlantern101, the thing is if this was real money I wouldn't dare bet with it like I have here. I will admit I'm having fun though :yes:, this is a brilliant game ;)
You keep hittin' 'em Angel - good work. I'm out of the running now, let's see if rufus_mcdufus or cider_and_toast can create some sport for you 🏎🏎🏎
Thanks vintly you're a sweetheart. :friends:

Okay my bet for Mexico, 150 EW on Bottas please and thank you :)


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Congrats to those who bet on Albon. Normal service has resumed for me. :facepalm:

So ..50e/w on Leclerc, please.
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