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about bloody time. i got some luck LOL:1st:

even if it dead cert because everyone knows kyvat dumped means Verstappen wins although im tempted to look back to see the last time i had a profitable bet. as i can't remember its been so long


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Here are the results for Mexico rufus_mcdufus the biggest winner :1st:
Greenlantern101 and Jos the Boss are out.


Here are the odds for Brasil.
Good luck.

Lewis Hamilton 1/1
Sebastian Vettel 7/2
Max Verstappen 9/2
Daniel Ricciardo 7/1
Valtteri Bottas 11/1
Kimi Raikkonen 22/1
Sergio Perez 500/1
Carlos Sainz 1000/1
Esteban Ocon 1000/1
Fernando Alonso 1000/1
Nico Hulkenberg 1000/1
Felipe Massa 1500/1
Brendon Hartley 2000/1
Lance Stroll 2000/1
Pierre Gasly 2000/1
Romain Grosjean 2000/1
Stoffel Vandoorne 2000/1
Kevin Magnussen 2500/1
Marcus Ericsson 5000/1
Pascal Wehrlein 5000/1


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i have had a look at the long range forecast & heavy thunderstorm is forecasted so after his almost senna esque wet drive last yr ill go for

50 ew on verstappen


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almost senna esque wet drive
I hate that this is applied to anyone who does like one good lap when it's slightly damp now days. Let's get this straight. Max went well in the wet last year but he was certainly never anywhere near the heights of Senna Donnington 93. For a starters he didn't win against a car so incredibly vastly superior to his that it might as well have had warp engines.

Sorry. Rant.


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i dont see how you disagree RasputinLives . for me its up with kimi Japan 05, Lewis gb 08, button canada 11. as 1 of the greatest drives ive seen live. mistakenly put intermediate tyres just as heavens opened. so had to brought in again to put him back on wets. & found himself 14th, then in space of 12 laps (not 1) he carved his way through the field having me out of seat so many times. other drivers were struggling to overtake & max would pull up find grip where others couldnt going inside outside making some fabulous overtaking moves on likes off Bottas Riccardio Hulkenburg Vettel Sainz & then Perez

it was almost senna eqsue becayse was similar to Monaco 1984. for 19yr old in his 2nd season as f1 driver. to show that level of car control against seasoned professionals was outstanding & you search it on Google. its not just me with that opinion it was the unanimous verdict of the media

guardian -

was 1 of the great performances of F1 & for a sustained effort in atrocious conditions it must rank alongside the best we have seen from Senna & Schumacher

sky sports - Max Verstappen's Brazilian GP drive hailed as 'one of the best ever in F1'

bbc sport - allan Mcnish said "the drive puts him in company of legends" & "how every decade there is a driver who put in a drive thats remembered for years to come & max on sunday was that"

& Toto wolff called it "the verstappen show" despite a mercedes 1 - 2
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