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Here are the results for Brasil. Huge win for rufus_mcdufus means he take the lead in YouBet with just 1 race remaining.
But still all to play for, the right bet and the right result for any of the high earners and the championship could change again in the final race.

So how brave do you feel. Do you feel lucky?
Just don't miss the deadline if you are playing the waiting game seeing what other players are doing. Remember you can change your bet as often as you like before midnight on the Thursday before the race.

Good Luck.


Here are the odds for the final race in Brasil.

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I could have gone all-in, but didn't want to risk being left boracic. Even if I went FTW on one of the Saubers, I'd still only be looking to trouser £80!


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Well the youbet championship is over. No winners in the final round.



World Champion - The You Bet 2017 champion taking the lead just 1 race ago is rufus_mcdufus :1st:congratulations .

Our runner up - Titch leading for a long time and winning 4 rounds but it wasn't to be. :2nd:

3rd Place - Hamberg winning 5 rounds nets you 3rd place brilliant work.:3rd:

The Sunday Best award - For winning a round of the championship goes to jez101 Hamberg The Artist..... rufus_mcdufus Titch F1Brits_90 Jos the Boss teabagyokel

The ultimate sports man award - jez101 depite a huge win in the first round he kept playing, betting big and gave everyone else hope when he could of sat back, only making small bets. Good on you.

The Meh Award - Victims of Rule 6 Speshal @grizzlyadams The Artist.....

Penny survivors Award - Making it to the end of the season with just a penny in your pocket. teabagyokel Legs F1Brits_90

The Maldonado Award - ramilas1 the first to crash out

The At Least You Tried Award - For the people who's school report card says 'could do better' LOL Greenlantern101 cider_and_toast Olivier The Pits gethinceri RasputinLives vintly aaron8831 racecub

Well thats it people. Thank you for playing I hope you all enjoyed it. You bet will return in 2018 with some tweaks.
It was a pleasure running the game for you. See you in March.

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