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The usual begging for members to write a preview for each GP. I'm happy to kick things off in Australia, please indicate below which races you would be prepared to do a write up for. It needs to be up about 2 weeks prior to the race.

March 26: Melbourne, Australia - FB
April 9:
Shanghai, China - Greenlantern101
April 16:
Bahrain, Bahrain - FB
April 30:
Sochi, Russia - Speshal
May 14:
Barcelona, Spain - Cider and Toast
May 28:
Monte Carlo, Monaco - Rasputinlives
June 11:
Montreal, Canada - Vintly
June 25:
Baku, Azerbaijan - Cider and Toast
July 9:
Spielberg, Austria - Teabagyokel
July 16:
Silverstone, United Kingdom - Titch
July 30:
Budapest, Hungary - Rasputinlives
August 27:
Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium - Titch
September 3:
Monza, Italy - Vintly
September 17
: Singapore, Singapore - Rasputinlives
October 1:
Sepang, Malaysia - Teabagyokel
October 8:
Suzuka, Japan - Greenlantern101
October 22:
Austin, USA - Cider and Toast
October 29:
Mexico City, Mexico - Rasputinlives
November 12:
Sao Paolo, Brazil - FB
November 26:
Abu Dhabi, UAE - Teabagyokel
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I'll take Spain, Austria, Belgium and the USA.

Cheers for posting this FB

It was on my 'to do' list but been a bit busy of late.
Thanks all - I've put myself down for Bahrain and Brazil unless anyone else has a burning desire to do them.
I'd love to oblige but feel a tad out of my depth. My scores in the quizzes say it all. However I'm up for the challenge, so if you're happy to let me give it a whirl I'll do one. Name it.
vintly the content of the post is entirely up to you. You can talk about the history of the race, how the season has gone so far, what the country is like, what the weather will be, whatever takes your fancy.

All we ask is that the thread title follows the same naming convention. (See FBs Australian PQR thread as an example)

Why don't you give Canada a go. Lots to write about there and if you're struggling, look at the thread archive of previous examples of seek inspiration from DR Google.
Bugger. Forgot I was down to do this one.


I'll get it done by the end of tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay.
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