Win totals for the 2009 - 2013 era

There were major aero regulation changes after 2008 (most obviously: wider front wings, thinner rear wings and all the talk about diffusers rather than winglets).
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I am defining the 2009 - 2013 period as a mini era because of the major Aero regulation change after 2008 and next year we have another massive regulation change.

I think the majority would also consider 2009 - 2013 as a mini era.

Before counting I would also have guessed that Button would be behind Hamilton and Alonso, nice surprise there.
The engines were frozen after the 2006 season, although additional changes were made in 2008 when Ferrari and Mercedes managed to find a decent chunk of horse power in "reliability updates".
I think when considering eras Button's success surprises simply because we conflate the era of technical stability (09-13) with the era of sporting stability (10-13) I.e. Red Bull at the top, Alonso and Massa at Ferrari, Button at McLaren, "young teams", Sauber not BMW, no Toyota, Mercedes not Brawn...

In the latter era, Button is not 2nd, but including 2009 gives him a boost of 6 compared to Hamilton's 2 and Alonso's jack squat.

It's just a conceptual thing. The hot air era or the Winfinger era? (Christian Horner, of course, both. Both yeah and no, if you like.)
The author of this thread gave the time period between 2009 - 2013 for fairly sound reasons you can't just go knocking off years just because it makes your favoured driver look better and saying that 2009 was just an anomaly for your own convenience otherwise what would be the point of the thread..?
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