Tennis Wimbledon 2014

Didn't see Andy's match but from what I hear he wasn't his usual self, neither was Stan Wawrinka, could there be a bug going around Wimbledon?
Always sad to see a Brit go out & we were on such a high last year, congratulations to Dimitrov who out-played him & didn't gloat!
Pity young Nick Kyrgios went out too, he's got massive potential but I didn't enjoy his match at all.
There's a worrying trend appearing of big serves & watching games go by with 4 aces a game is just boring.
I'm old fashioned and whilst I can appreciate the skill of serving ace after ace as a spectator I'd much prefer rallies.
A bit like F1 - you appreciate the skill of building an utterly dominant car but it's so much more fun to watch the drivers race each other.
Oh well, time will tell.
Eugenie Bouchard has become the first Canadian EVER to reach a Grand Slam final. Well done Genie, cheering for you on Saturday! Milos Raonic made it to the semis and faces Federer. If he uses the rifle he has for arm, he should be able to get past the Swiss. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Olivier - You like your new national flag?
Well done Eugenie, I'll be cheering her on tomorrow too.
Wish I wasn't at work today so I could watch the men's semi-finals, I'm absolutely neutral for the men's game so it will be all down to the tennis.
What numpty scheduled Wimbledon final & British GP on the same day...not forgetting Tour de France... :bangfists:
Absolutely, the Wimbledon match should be delayed until the GP has finished. There has to be some priority doesn't there.
Congratulations Novak, a hard fought win.
It was a pity there had to be a loser in that final, some brilliant tennis and either man a worthy winner.
Two very gracious speeches at the end too.
I'll miss Wimbledon being on, that two weeks flew by.
Oh well, may as well start now for next year - come on Andy!
It was a fantastic final, but I thought Roger had the edge in expertise and ability. Novak was lucky to be there after his first three rounds which weren't the best.

If truth were told, I was hoping for a 'youngster' to be a participant though - maybe next year!
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