Tennis Wimbledon 2014


Here be dragons.
Wimbledon 2014 and Murray has just won the first set against Goppin. As he should really!

Looking forward to the next two weeks and know I won't get much done unless I get up really early!

Watched a lot of Queens but couldn't be doing with Eastbourne.
Is this the annual Sharapova appreciation thread?


There were many other pictures I could have posted but for some reason most of the ones on google seem to be of her bending over or stuffing tennis balls up her skirt...:embarrassed:
Well, some of the big guns have made it through the opening round - Rafa, Roger, Andy, Novak, Jo Wilfried and John (Isner - one of the guys that did that ridiculously long match in 2010).

But no fear the defeated ones still get £27k for playing one match and being piss poor!!

Can't really pass comment on the ladies though - I expect more finesse than just hammering it from the baseline with audio included. Although I have spotted the Williams sisters seem to be 'on form' and not quite as loud as they were - they are 'getting on' in tennis terms and may be saving breath for winning, but can still make it to the net for the smaller, quieter shots.
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