Poll Who is better: Fernando, Lewis, or Sebastian?

Who is better?

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Comparing all 3, I have always thought that Lewis was the best for the fact of Sebastian only wins in the best car on the grid that day, or from the front row, occasionaly the second row, and preforms within the limit of the car. Fernando and Lewis have won in inferior cars before Lewis 2009, Alonso 2009 aswell. Which leaves Fernando vs Lewis. Which I always go to 2007 when they were team-mates. Lewis beat Fernando, I know they had the same points but Lewis was put above him on countback i presume, which means, in the same equipment, Lewis beat Fernando!

But that's my opinion, whats yours?
Three words - can, of, worms.LOL

To answer the question, if I were a team manager i'd have Hamilton in my team. That's about as much as i'm willing to say to be honest, don't want to get involved in the inevitable 'my driver is better than yours'. :)
How can you have Hamilton up there without Button?

I can make a case for having Hamilton ahead of Button...but I don't think it's a stretch to argue that Button belongs up there as well.

I would give it to Fernando, just. While I think Lewis has the most raw speed. Alonso is the more rounded driver out of the three. After all he took on Schumacher when he was still near the top of his game and came out on top twice. I would say Alonso has the best racing brain, but that comes from experience, something Hamilton and Vettel have less of at the moment, but they will only improve, but then so can Alonso..

But even if you put all three in the same car, you may not find out who the best is.

It's all subjective.

But if I was to vote, i'd put Vettel ahead based on pure pace and racing intelligence. Abu Dhabi last year proved that Alonso's thinking isn't any great shakes. Webber hit the barriers yet Alonso decided to cover Webber instead of focussing on Vettel. That's after being blown off the grid by Button from the dirty side.
Fernando and Lewis have won in inferior cars

Lewis beat Fernando, I know they had the same points but Lewis was put above him on countback i presume, which means, in the same equipment, Lewis beat Fernando!

Vettel won in a Toro Rosso which was, supposedly, inferior to McLaren and Ferrari that year.

What if Button beats Hamilton in the WDC this year?
For me Alonso is at the tail end of his career whereas Seb and Lewis are yet to show us how good they really can get

It's hard to be sure, Massa beat Kimi fairly and Alonso has fairly wasted Massa, yes Alonso is much better than Kimi but by the amount the results suggest? No wonder Ferrari dumped Kimi for Alonso

I feel that Lewis is the best overall, but I would give my arm to have the two in the same car to see who wins. I think Seb and Lewis are in a slightly different mould to the rest
Where to start on this one?

So we have the double World Champion. Vettel. Almost always on pole, and adept at getting away at the front. Not making the ludicrous mistakes he was making in 2009 and 2010 any more. Beating his team-mate by an almost absurdly wide margin.

Then there's Alonso. Consistent, reliable. He's driving a Ferrari at its maximum nearly every week. Ends up not so much beating team-mates as demoralising them (except that one). Tends to get caught up in scandal but all in all a fine driver.

And then there's Hamilton. The lows are much lower, and the highs are much higher. A man whose whole career has been bathed in melodrama, who is apt to stand on his own tail when the favourite, but revel in underdog status. And never forgetting, a wonderful driver.

There is nothing between them. Nothing. So I will not be voting in this poll. Call it a cop out, call it a fence sit, but thats how I see it. One driver who goes well from the front and always gets to the front. One who picks up points like a souped-up Nick Heidfeld, but can personally dominate a team like a younger Schumacher. And one who is at times ridiculous but mostly sublime.

I couldn't split them.
I voted for Alonso because he is the most consistent of the lot and I kind of want to see Seb in an equal/slightly slower car before I can put him in front of the others - but like tby said there's almost nothing between them...
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