Which current F1 teams do you support?

Which of the current F1 teams do you support

  • AT&T Williams

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  • Force India

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  • Honda Racing

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  • ING Renault

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  • Panasonic Toyota

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  • Red Bull Renault

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  • Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

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A few questions about which of the current F1 teams do you support and why do you support them?

Has recent F1 history changed your opinion of a specific team, for better or worse?

Would you consider yourself loyal to a team or its drivers and would a change of team principal or driver alter your allegance?

Answers on the back of a postcard lol
Okay .. I used to be a great McLaren fan but I can't stand the team now .. sorry , well actually not sorry, it's Ron Dennis that has caused my dislike. The blatant favouritism that exists in VMM; yes I can understand people having favourites but for a team principal to show it so obviously .. well that gets me going. Probably I'm biased because of DC though.

Why I support the other teams?
Really I'd say I'm a driver fan as opposed to a team fan these days.

I never really got into another team in the way I did with McLaren, so the teams I like are soley because I like the drivers.
Red Bull because of DC.
Renault because of Fernando Alonso .. who, if I'm honest, I really only started to appreciate last year because of the carry on at VMM.
BMW because of Robert Kubica .. really can't quite put my finger on why I like him so much, but with me its generally an instant like or I'm never really gonna get that fussed.
Oh yeh, and Seb Vettel .. I'd love to see what he could do given a great car.
For current teams, it's got to be

1: Mclaren
2: Honda

And historically, I always had a soft spot for
1: Jordan
2: Tyrrell
I don't support any team particularly, though I am more fond of some than others. It's changed over time, I used to like Ferrari more in the pre-Todt days, albeit they won nothing they had more passione. At one time I regarded Williams as the "enemy"(!) - now I take a more balanced view.
Like Salti, I support drivers more than teams - although having said that, I feel I should support VMM, as my son-in-law works at Brixworth.

I've always been a great fan of Alonso and am rather keen on Kimi as well.

These two are the nearest we get to the good-old-fashioned racers! The characters of yesteryear
I tend to follow the teams with British drivers, so VMM, Honda, Red Bull. I also like Kubica, so tend to like to see BMW Sauber doing well. I hate Ferarri, because I am fed up with it being one rule for them and another for everyone else. People say that F1 wouldn't exist without them, personally I don't agree.
I support Williams and would love to see them return to the sharp end of the Grid.

After Lotus died I followed Jordon and Williams but it's just Williams now.

I wish their would be an influx of new teams into F1. Not new manufacturers but proper independant teams. I remember when the Jordon 191 made its debut and it was like a breath of fresh air.

It's interesting to note in the poll that no one has gone for Toyota. I have always had reservations about Toyota as they gave the appearence of a team that thought they could buy F1 success. They always seem to be a very bland and faceless team.
I've always loved Jaguar road cars, so although they were next to useless I followed the Jaguar F1 team. Really it's as a kind of hang-over from that that I support the Red Bull team, and having Webber there reinforces the link, but that's it for me for teams. I'll support any British driver as well, but most important is that there is good racing to watch, regardless who wins it. If they drive well, I'll appreciate them.
I've tended to support British teams most of my life and particularly McLaren. I have my father to blame for my interest in F1 and I've watched it since I was a kid. It'd be great to see one of the greatest and most sucessful teams of all time, Williams, come to the fore again. How did it go so wrong?

I'm a fan of Kimi and Alonso (how he drives, primarily) but was so absolutely gutted when Kimi went to Ferrari because, frankly, I can't stand them!

Something about Jenson Button always annoyed me. He's getting more and more into my goodbooks as he matures though and has finally (it seems) settled down a bit and stopped acting like the sport owed him something.

Finally I get a double whammy because I like both Heikki and Lewis a lot - and they're both in my favourite team!
I don't follow any team in particular and I spent years hating ferrari but now i find myself cheering them on just to beat maclaren, (i'm with salti on this one) honest ron just gets my back up and f1 would be a lot better place without him imo
Current F1 teams, interesting as there really are not many of them these days! which i find quite depressing

Ok i'll admit to being a long time Mclaren fan & everybody loves an underdog so i'll stick my neck out and go Force India!

as for the rest
BMW need to develop an M version,
Ferrari, I've always had a love hate relationship with that team (when Prost & Mansell drove for them i cheered a few times i think)
Honda, need to get their earth dreams back on solid ground.
Toyota, i get all topgearish when this name is mentioned and can only think Toyboata!
Red Bull, definately need more wings (including TR here)
Renault, apart from being french they were good as benneton previously.
Williams, who could not like them or what they have achieved over the years! great independant team.
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