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McDonald and Dodds is an interesting mess on ITV/Britbox. Every week, there’s a murder, set in Bath, and an odd couple police partnership solve it.

Episode 2 of season 3 features a “British F1 team”, based in Bath, run by Paul McGann. As ever, when a drama tries to “do F1”, they get annoying details wrong.
  1. They talk about a race at Monza, and show action filmed at Castle Combe ( I believe).
  2. They go testing mid-week on a non Grade 1 circuit.
  3. In the programme, they won the 1979 drivers and constructors championship at Watkins Glen in 1979 (in reality, this was a Ferrari victory)
  4. As ever in these sorts of programmes, they focus on the engine, rather than the aero. (In the same way as Suits and Bugs did back in the day
  5. The week after the Monza race, they’re due to race in Spain


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In some ways it attempted to portray an underdog racing team with a great history gone to seed, sort of based on Williams with another universe children 😂😂 anyway it's a comedy not meant to be taken seriously.
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So I made it to the end of season 1 for The Umbrella Academy.

It was obvious from the start that number 7 had powers but I didn't fully predict that she was a ****ing raving murdering psychopath.

Number 5 is probably my favourite - such a jaded outlook for someone so young (ish).

I'll probably continue to see how it develops.


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The Baby on Sky is disturbing, funny, and just plain weird, but worth a watch. And then there is Sundown on Sky Movies, a waste of an hour and a half of my life.


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watching only murders in the building Disney in uk & hulu in US (i have no idea what hulu is). on a recommendation from someone else. it quite good. it has Steve martin, Martin short & Selena Gomez. it reminds of a cross between a light hearted murder mystery & Jessica fletcher on murder she wrote

as its 3 people brought together by there love of true crime podcasts & the start to investigate a what they believe is a murder


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I watched the first two episodes and it didn't do anything for me. I may go back to it but I'm not in a rush.


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She Hulk is embarrassingly bad.

I ignored the 1 star troll ratings which were published before the program was released, mostly by males apparently, and decided to give it a go.

That's 30 minutes of my life I regret wasting.

The whole premise is just paper thin and ridiculous.
The acting is terrible, the plot/storyline dire.

As for the hulk component, if you can call a slightly taller than average woman with green skin and a mane Mufasa would be jealous of, then sure, she's a hulk ...

Good grief!
Is this what has become of Marvel after the Disney takeover?

It's going to end up as bad as Star Wars.


At my age, new series get one episode at most to keep me interested, movies get 10-20 minutes depending on how crap it is.

I haven't got time to waste on pointless crap.
The older we get, the more demanding the content becomes... because we've already seen thousands of movies :)


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been watching this & its absolutely fascinating the scale of deceit is far higher i thought & makes you wonder has anyone won a world cup bid fairly in the last 50 yrs

the similarities between Argentina 78 & Qatar 2022 are strikingly similar. with the boycott threats & politics "shouldnt" be in sport even though at the highest level sport & politics will always mix. havalange contradicting himself as he won the election on joining the rest of sporting world in banning South Africa because of apharid



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Just finished watching Andor, the new live action Star Wars drama on Disney+.

I have to say, after a bit of a slow start in episodes 1 and 2 where I feared the worst, the remaining 10 episodes were brilliant.

Its not weighed down by trying to wrestle new continuity into an over familiar story so has a lot more breathing room. It provides a much more interesting picture of the formation of the rebellion.

I'd now order the Star Wars live action drama's as follows:

1st - Andor
2nd - The Mandalorian

3rd by a big gap - The book of Boba Fett (so dull that one episode didn't actually have Boba Fett in it and was used to set up season 3 of the Mandalorian)

4th - Picking fluff out of my belly button

5th - Watching paint dry

6th - Listening to a feature length interview with Christian Horner where he describes what he and Ginger Spice get up to at non racing weekends.

7th - Obi Wan. (absolutely bollocks and boring bollocks at that)
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