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There's freeview or whatever it's called now in the Airbnb.

I just misread a program title which was 'Walking like jesus' and thought to myself, wow!, OFCOM has really mellowed over the past 8 years.
watching the robbie williams documentary, & having watch taylor swift doc, film of elton john & queen that get fame at a young age. it probally not talked about enough that it feels that for the huge megastars. its when not if you have a breakdown. when all the media pressure eventually makes you crash
Race against the world finished last night. ive no idea who won because ive only finished ep5. as i got behind as you do with shows you watch together. but i have seen that the final got 7.1m viewers last night. which is amazing that its become arguably 1 of BBCs biggest show

just shows that sometimes people launching tv shows need patience & as many now are hugely promoted have big budgets & are expected to be a hit straight away with his rare. was likely the downfall of chris evans top gear yes it was crap but it was always going to be hiding to nothing because you cant invent 20yrs of friendship overnight

& i think of some of the biggest shows of the last 20yrs & what most have in common are that in comparison is they flew under the radar for their 1st couple of series. top gear, Bake Off, taskmaster all didnt start turning into the juggernauts they are & were until series 4. nobody really watched the 1st series of Ted lasso as it happened but it spawned into this global phenomenon around the middle of series 2
Yep, great programs fly under the radar, get bigger, reach a peak of creativity and viewers, jump the shark and fall flat on their arses.
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