What's in a name?


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Williams have had 19 different entrant/constructor/team combinations over the years.

I'll list them all if anyone's interested.

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Brogan... How does that work for you then? I only make 10

1. March Ford
2. Williams Ford
3. Williams Honda
4. Williams Judd
5. Williams Renault
6. Williams Mecchacrome
7. Williams Supertec
8. Williams BMW
9 Williams Cosworth
10.Williams Toyota

Anything pre 1977 doesn't count as it's a completely different company!

It's like saying that Lotus Racing is the same entity as Team Lotus.... - or that Torro Rosso is the same entity as Red Bull....


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This is taken from the old database and is solely for "Williams" from 1977 on.


Edit: Just to add, researching the team histories was the worst bit of the old F1 database we had and by far the most difficult and time consuming. Some of them were real pigs!


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31 year old 'young driver' Nicolas Prost soon of the little known World Champion Alain Prost will be driving for 'Lotus' at the Young Driver's test in Abu Dhabi. His name could have been used to much greater effect to launch an F1 career, though I imagine he did try.
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