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Here is something to shuffle through if it tickles your fancy:

1. Which German driver got his only pole of his career at the Nurburgring in 2005?
2. Who came into F1 in 1994 off the back of the International F3000 crown?
3. Which Canadian was a named Benetton tester in 1994?
4. Where did Alessandro Zanardi score his only ever point?
5. When and where did Teo Fabi start his first race?
6. What feat did Teo Fabi achieve for the little Toleman team in 1985?
7. Where did Jean-Pierre Jarier qualify for the 1978 Canadian GP with Lotus?
8. At which race did Michael Schumacher last stand on the podium?
9. Who scored BAR's first podium?
10. Which former Sauber driver edged out Franck Lagorce in the 1994 F3000 season?
11. The 1983 British F3 championship is legendary. Which aristocrat won the following year?
12. Where did Michele Alboreto score his final ever point?
13. How many drivers did Ken Tyrrell give a race drive in 1989, and who were they?
14. Who were the three drivers to start in the last ever three car team entry in 1985?
15. Who were originally named as McLaren's two drivers on the entry list in 1993?
16. Which former Renault driver tried to find Philippe Alliot a seat at McLaren in 1994, much to the dismay of Martin Brundle?
17. How many drivers were on the podium for the first time at the 1980 Argentine GP, and who were they?
18. How many European F2 and F3000 champions (NOT GP2) managed to win the Formula 1 World Championship?
19. Before this year's Hispanias, who was the last driver to fail to qualify for a Grand Prix?
20. Where did Ralph Firman get his only ever point?

Good luck, and answers when I can get them up.
  1. Nick Heidfeld
  2. Olivier Panis
  3. Paul Tracy
  4. Brazil (Interlagos)
  5. 1982 San Marino GP, he was not classified, thus missing out on a debut point
  6. Took pole position. Toleman later became the title-winning Benetton outfit. Trace the lineage of the current Renault team back, and it begins at Toleman!
  7. Pole Position. JPJPJ would retire from a very healthy lead, and would unfortunately never win a GP
  8. 2006 Chinese GP, which the 7 time WDC won brilliantly
  9. Jacques Villeneuve finished 3rd at the 2001 Spanish GP
  10. Jean-Christophe Boullion
  11. Johnny Dumfries
  12. Monaco
  13. 4, Jonathan Palmer (Former BBC commentator), Michele Alboreto (Sacked because of his personal Marlboro sponsorship), Jean Alesi and Johnny Herbert
  14. Derek Warwick, Patrick Tambay and Francois Hesnault (With a small on board camera) all raced for Renault in the 1985 German GP
  15. Mika Hakkinen and Michael Andretti. The list had to be redrafted after Williams forgot to submit their entry
  16. Jean-Pierre Jabouille. In one head-to-head test, Brundle was pitted against Alliot at Paul Ricard, with a straw bale chicane in the middle of the Mistral straight. Alliot was initially slower than Brundle, but suddenly produced faster lap times. Jabouille was very pleased until he was told that the chicane had been removed for the quicker laps by Alliot.
  17. 2, Nelson Piquet (Brabham) and Keke Rosberg (Fittipaldi)
  18. None. Jacky Ickx, the 1967 European F2 champion was closest as he was runner-up in 1969 and 1970
  19. Alex Yoong for Minardi at the 2002 German GP
  20. Barcelona in the 2003 Spanish GP
10 & 1/5th (the 1/5th was for knowing how many drivers in Q13 but I couldn't remember a single name :embarrassed:)
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