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I think the last couple of races mark the beginning of what could be, despite Vettel's massive lead, an intriguing second half of the season and an unlikely, uneasy, unspoken* alliance between Webber, Alonso and Hamilton. I am going to dub this the Weblonsilton Unalliance.

If Weblonsilton can continue to lock out the podium, in whatever order, the pressure on Vettel will rise and rise and his massive lead will get smaller and smaller bit by bit. I think the pressure is already having an effect on Vettel, as Martin Brundle has alluded to several times over the last few races that he has not looked his usual happy self around the paddock. However, this is a big if: IF.

For me the key factors in Weblonsilton continuing to take points off Vettel are Webber's qualifying performance and Ferrari and McLaren continuing to be competitive. If Webber can continue to beat Vettel in qualifying more often than not, and Ferrari and McLaren can continue to develop their cars faster than Red Bull, who know what could happen? McLaren perhaps is the biggest question mark in this as it seems they gained a lot by using the tyres better in cold conditions, well Hamilton did anyway.

So, with Vettel's dominance now seemingly coming to an end, what does everyone think of the chances that Weblonsilton can catch up?

* Not so unspoken maybe, as Alonso was already talking about needing a fast McLaren to help his cause after the race yesterday: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/formula_one/14270335.stm
So, with Vettel's dominance now seemingly coming to an end, what does everyone think of the chances that Weblonsilton can catch up?

Vettel has too great a lead and only needs to pick up points if the other 3 are going to be sharing wins and podiums between them.
Weblonsilton ---- I chuckled a bit.....thought you was trying to spell Rumpelstiltskin:cheer:

An alliance will need one guy to constantly win, and that will never happen.
A quick table.

For the remaining 9 races Seb comes 5th, scoring 10 points at each race.
The first 4 places are shared amongst the other 4 drivers.

Seb still wins.

I just worked out that if Weblonsilton always finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a random order and Vettel always finishes 4th it would take them around 11 races to catch up. Unfortunately this means Bernie needs to add two races to the calendar. Maybe I need to adjust it to Hamberlonsuttonassa vs. Vettel.

EDIT: You beat me to it!
I think Vettel is too far down the road for any one to catch up with him now.

It would take a monumental balls up for any one to get past Vettel and even then, there has to be one driver doing all the scoring because if the chasing pack all rob points from each other they are doing as much harm to their chances as they are good for Vettels title.

Too many teams need to give themselves a good slap on the chops for letting RBR have it all their own way in the first half of the season.

The problem is, if Mclaren, Ferrari etc stop all work on their current cars to concentrate on next years, by doing that, they also let RBR storm to a dominant title victory but they also negate the need for RBR to continue developing this years car and allow them to switch their focus to next year as well. It's a catch 22 situation.
Or even Nicolipe Webuttlonsilton. I am in a strange mood today LOL, probably combined Alton Towers, Hamilton win and very little sleep that's done it...

Basically we need a couple of Vettel DNFs, and no more Vettel podiums then. We can hope but it is still very unlikely - it's such a shame Lewis had bad weekends at Monaco and Montreal because he probably could have won both those races and then there really wouldn't be that much between him and Vettel. The gap between him and Vettel would be 30pts I think, though that's still quite a nice cushion actually...... I'm trying very hard here to be optimistic!!!

Even if it doesn't end in one of them winning the championship I am interested to see what unfolds because Vettel has sort of ended up as a common 'enemy', and no individual can hope to beat him in the championship unless some rivals are doing well too - Alonso talking about wanting McLaren to do well says it all really. The psychology of the situation is interesting and Vettel will have to be very tough mentally to shrug it off.
It's worth pointing out that of the current top 5, Webber and Vettel are the only 2 without a DNF, or indeed a finish outside the points.

So much for Red Bull's poor reliability... ;)
So IF the same one third of Weblonsilton repeatedly wins whilst the others (are bribed to?) repeatedly nudge Mr V off on the corners so he records 9 DNF's, one third of Weblonsilton COULD win the Championship. I wonder which third that might be? :twisted:
If Ferrari and McLaren continue to add pace to their cars, Red Bull will have to respond, perhaps by using more aggressive engine mapping, this could stress the engines and lead to DNF's, Vettel has had a lot of luck this season, on two occasions he won races that he should have lost, the spin in Germany could have ended his race but luck intervened again.
If Vettel has to race from the mid pack, the luck would not always be on his side.
The only way Alonso, Webber and Hamilton can win the title is if Massa and Button pull they socks up and also do them a favour by finishing ahead of Vettel in a good few of the GP's aswell.

TBH - i can see a massive scrap between Hamilton and Alonso for second spot, i just think Seb is too far in front to be caught now.
Like your thinking!

But don't think that Jenson and Felipe would be into doing something like that.

Of course they wouldn't. It's over.

But we should have some cracking races now up to the end of the season. I know that won't be enough for everyone, but I'm more than happy.
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