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Much has been made about the fact that Wirth Enginering have designed the whole car using CFD and not a wind tunnel. Stange that what came out of the computer looks remarkably like all the other cars launched so far.

Still, look quite nice, pretty paint job at least. I hope they have a succesful season, although not too succesful as Beardie's gurning face would be too much to bear.
I quite like it.

For some reason the rear quarter reminds me of the old McLaren West livery, even though it looked nothing like that :dunno:
Its not white and red in some combo, so I'm OK with it! Can we have some interesting colours soon? LotusProton, I'm looking at you for inspiration!
More pic's.


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Until it hits the track during the next official pre-season test I think they are limited to doing a few up and down runs to check any major issues. Don't think they can do "serious" laps yet.
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