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I can't get youtube media to play in the forums when using chrome. I have a black window and a play button. I click it but nothing happens.
I am on Chrome & windows 8.

I have tried it in Firefox and videos play no problem. Any ideas?

It does seem to be all of them but the above is an example

Screen grab of what I see.

I can watch videos on the youtube website on chrome which does suggest its something to do with this forums embedding of youtube or the way my computer views this forums embedding in chrome.
What is your browser and OS?
I can view that on PC on Windows and on my tablet on Android.

Videos are embedded using HTML5 which should gracefully fallback if it's not supported.
I'm using windows 8 with Chrome and have no problems playing youtube within the forum I did have a problem a couple of days ago and solved it by doing the following.

Type about:plugins in the address bar
Find the plugin that says "Flash"
If there are 2 or more files installed then click the -detail tab on the far right of the page
Disable two of the plugins If you have one with the address C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\21.0.1180.60\gcswf32.dll leave that one enable but disable the others
Close chrome and re-open.

This may work it's worth a try..

And yes it was only on this forum that I had the problem but doing the above did solve it, it seems that the plugins affect Chromes built in flash player on some sites....
Those are the same as mine I disabled both of them and it worked for me, and so hopefully it will work for you..

If it doesn't you can always enable them again...


By the way I now know that either you or your computer is called Alan now but it will our secret...;)
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