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Sorry if this has been done but.......

I've seen very many posts proclaiming how Sebastian Vettel is the bee's knees but personally i just can't see it at the moment, correct me if I'm wrong but his 3 wins have all come from pole, yes, he's good but personally I just can't see the genius yet.
It's been discussed before but never as a standalone thread.

Undoubtedly he's a good driver but it's a little too early to claim he's a great driver as some are doing.

As you say he's had 3 wins all from pole and 2 of those were in the rain where it's arguably much easier to stay in front.
We've seen he's vulnerable under pressure when he went off in the 2nd corner after starting from pole allowing Button past.
And also a little hot-headed perhaps as evidenced by his collison with Kubica in Australia.

The head to head with Vettel and Webber is as follows:
Qualifying: 8-0
Race: 3-5
Fastest Lap: 6-2

So although he has out-qualified Webber every race, Webber has the upper hand when it comes to finishes.

He's young though and it's only his 3rd season in F1 so one to watch for the future I would say.
To be honest, he's not yet the 100% finished article but this guy reminds me of Raikkonen when he was at Sauber! Remember that he won last year at Monza in the rain in a Toro Rosso. Yes, they were decent in the wet but they weren't McLarens!

His three wins have been from pole but they have each been exceptional victories. He could have done what Hamilton did in 2008 at Silverstone and won by a minute if necessary.

This is only his second full season in F1 and we shouldn't be expecting everyone to win the WDC in their second year! (For all second-year F1 drivers feeling the pressure, please blame a Mr. L. Hamilton!)

Give the lad some time, he looks like he has the quality!

And btw, how many of us were tipping Button as a possible future WDC after his second season in F1 - getting his ass handed to him on a plate week-in week-out by Giancarlo Fisichella in 2001?
I just don't see it, I see that he is a quick driver, but as soon as he gets behind another driver, that seems to be the end of it. The best example of this was Bahrain, when he got stuck behind Trulli and that was the end of his race to try to challenge the Brawns simply because he couldn't even try to overtake as he didn't seem to have it in him. He clearly had a faster car.

Will the same thing will happen if he finds himself behind his team-mate at any point.

Button will win in Germany (hopefully).. :thumbsup:
I do wonder how much of getting past people is team tactics - because you get points back to 8th place you get a feeleing that many of the teams will settle, or settle in certain circumstances. You often hear the team communicating pit stop info when they're caught, because it is still little easier to pass than last year.

In the case of Vettel this has to be a possibility as he has a real skill for binning it when pushing - but let's face it, so did Raikkonnen and Massa.

Maybe the lack of re-fuelling from 2010 will mean the pit stops are that much more flexible/less predictable and therefore force the drivers to make the moves rather than the pit crew, then the real ability to fight for position at the front might show.
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