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Autosport has published the annual top ten drivers of the season as voted for by team bosses.

There are some interesting choices to say the least, along with some notable omissions.

The top ten are:

01 Sebastian Vettel       76
02 Jenson Button 67
03 Lewis Hamilton 65
04 Fernando Alonso 39
05 Rubens Barrichello 35
06 Kimi Raikkonen 30
06 Mark Webber 30
08 Felipe Massa 19
09 Robert Kubica 10
10 Adrian Sutil 8
Personally I think the top 3 are about right although strictly speaking Jenson won the WDC so perhaps should have been top.

As for Alonso in 4th.
Did I miss some races during the season where he performed particularly well?

And where's Nico Rosberg?
Good points, Brogan. Alonso put some good efforts in early on (when the McLarens and Ferraris were still rice puddings on wheels) but I think once he knew he was Ferrari bound for sure he more or less pottered around. Even before that, when the Renault got the new diffuser and didn't make the gains expected, I suspect he was just seeing out the season.

As for Rosberg, I think he did brilliantly in a low-powered, under financed team, taking 100% of the team points. He could even have won at Malaysia, and had an outside chance at Singapore until the FIA took their opportunity to ruin another race.
With some people reputation counts more than actual form. I'm not sure Alonso took the Renault to places it didn't deserve to be, but he had no yardstick and hence is eliminated from my enquiry!
For what it's worth, based on a weighted average of the position placed in the "Top Ten Drivers of 2009" thread, the CTA Top Ten of 2009 is as follows:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Jenson Button
3. Nico Rosberg
4. Sebastien Vettel
5. Kimi Raikkonen
6. Rubens Barrichello
7. Mark Webber
8. Nick Heidfeld
9. Sebastien Buemi
10. Robert Kubica

I reckon we know more than the team bosses.
FB said:
I reckon we know more than the team bosses.

Yeah they won't be rushing to sign Kimi Raikkonem! (Sorry to be a pedant!)

We didn't put Button top either, so lets not criticise Autosport too much (without naming names
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