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Bet you'd support a Serbian team, Cancer Cowboy, I know how much Serbs & Croats love each other; there haven't been any major flare-ups there in the last 20 years, have there...?


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Well they have their first chassis

teabagyokel said:
Bet you'd support a Serbian team, Cancer Cowboy, I know how much Serbs & Croats love each other; there haven't been any major flare-ups there in the last 20 years, have there...?

It has nothing to do with that. (the "flare-up" ended in '95)
The problem is with the "balkan mentality".
Bernie : "You can't enter Formula 1, its full".
Stefanovic : "So what? We'll come anyway".

I really dont care for that approach.


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I'm not sure thats how he saw the conversation...:

ZS: I want into F1
BE: Err... OK, Max sent me this form, fill it in?
[Fills in Form]
BE: Ooh, may I suggest you write 'Cosworth' as your intended engine
ZS: No, we ain't using Cosworth engines
BE: It might be ... wise ... Max has, well, lets just say he 'likes' Cosworth
ZS: I don't like Cosworth
BE: OK, let Max get back to you in a couple of weeks


MM: OK, our chosen competitors, USF1-Cosworth, Manor-Cosworth and Campos Meta Dallara-Cosworth.
ZS: Are we on the shortlist?
MM: No, next in line is Lotus-Cosworth
ZS: You're forcing new teams to run Cosworth, aren't you?
MM: I'm not sure we are, the new teams happen to have Cosworth engines, Zoran!
ZS: I'll sue your ass!


Lawyer: Zoran, the FIA don't lose in court
ZS: OK, different approach


BE: Haven't I told you to bugger off?
ZS: We'll be in Bahrain!
BE: You won't!
ZS: We will, USF1, pah!


JH: Toyota are pulling out
ZS: How about we take over?
BE: No way, see you later!
ZS: Where you going?
BE: Buy Peter Sauber a nice cigar for Christmas!
ZS: But they're not running Cosworth...
BE: They're not a new team...

ZS: I'll get into F1 someday

Did it happen? Maybe!


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US F1 respond to Bernie's comments.

The new US F1 team say they will line up for the opening race of 2010 despite Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone casting doubt on their participation.

Ecclestone told the Times that he did not expect either US F1 or fellow newcomers Campos Meta to make the grid.

US F1 team boss Peter Windsor told BBC Sport: "I'm surprised Bernie said that. We will be there. We're in good shape."

The BBC understands Campos are pressing on and expect delivery of their car from partner Dallara in mid-January.
US F1 deny Bernie Ecclestone's claim they will not race


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Some more fantastic double dutch from Bernie. Almost up there with Dick Cheneys Donald Rumsfeld "there are things we know and things we know we don't know" speach.

"I think the people we expected to perform will and those that we thought wouldn't, won't," Ecclestone is quoted as saying. ... /view.html

Whlie it's going to be a struggle for the new teams especially as this isn't the deal they signed up to 6 months ago. Campos are getting their car built for them by Dallara so effectively just have to meet the bills and US F1 have shown no signs of not being able to make the grid either.

Didn't the FIA conduct a complete inspection of the company books to make sure that teams could pay up and would front up?? Hence litespeed getting laughed out of town but a similar proposal backed by the Malay government welcomed with open arms. ??

Why would Bernie feel the need to undermine teams who have yet to show their hands either way?

Very strange.


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I think Ecclestone's comment has more of the malevolent devil about it than the Donald Rumsfeld comment; I think Rumsfeld was making a point and ran out of articulacy*, where as Ecclestone is suggesting that whoever succeeds in reaching the grid will have been expected to do so by Ecclestone from the off!

So USF1 have kept quiet on the driver front; maybe this just means they're thinking how best to sugarcoat their lack of Americans to their public, or something similar. Alls I know is that USF1's driver lineup is a known unknown, that is to say, something we know we don't know...

*As I have just done!

Love your script. ROFL

Not only should you have the 2009 Fantasy F1 Champion award you should also be awarded the title of official Clip the Apex script writer.

Many a true word said in jest, but probably closer to the truth then any of us think.


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Rather foolishly I clicked onto the USGPE website and read Peter Windsors "blog" (how I hate that word). I appreciate Windsor has to BIG up the work being done by his team and sell it to a probably very uninterested American public but does that have to be done by criticising how other countries live and work? I presume if Windsor still lived in the UK he could be categorised as a "little Englander", are there "little Americans"? Probably very few :snigger:
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