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The WMSC today fined USF1 309,000 Euros (a sum equivalent to the Entry Fees for the Championship).
They also disqualified them from all FIA sanctioned competitions.
USF1 were also ordered to pay the FIA's "court costs".

Isn't it nice to see the FIA is no longer vindictive since Max left.
Oh wait...

Perhaps the FIA should be examining its own internal procedures?
There were other teams who were far better placed to take one of the new grid slots but of course they weren't going to use Cosworth engines so didn't get selected.


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I suppose the FIA would argue they are making a point to other potential entrants that if you don't make the grid there will be consequences.

They other reason might be that they saw headlines like this and wanted their share of the loot? I would presume that the FIA would come quite low down in the list of creditors.
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