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There has been a lot of unpleasantness of late on the forum, coupled with a general disregard for the rules.

We are all passionate about the sport but the site rules exist for a reason and anyone breaking them will be dealt with accordingly.

This could take the form of a warning (with points), being placed in pre-moderation or, in the worst cases, a ban.

We don't want to punish members in this way but for the good of the site action will be taken.

Posting in such a way to goad other members and provoke reaction is explicitly mentioned in rule 1 and will not be tolerated.
Nor will conspiring with others to coordinate your efforts in such activity.

Hopefully things will calm down now everyone has had their say but do not be surprised if there is some fallout after some of the completely unacceptable behaviour yesterday.

Please take the time to read the rules again and think twice before submitting your post if it falls outside the guidelines.

Thank you.
Just a short note to reinforce the point made in the above post. If you don't agree with something someone has written by all means disagree but please don't make it personal. As has previously been acknowledge, we all have favourite drivers. If someone else has a different favourite please don't deliberately bait them or post negative things simply to wind them up.

Further instances will not be dealt with simply by deleting the offending message, formal warnings will be given. You have been warned.
To any member who thinks it's okay to act aggressively towards other members, harass, bully, insult, or threaten them, it isn't.

We take a very dim view of it and appropriate action will be taken against the offending member, ultimately resulting in a permanent ban if previous warnings are not heeded.

If you are unable to abide by the site rules, find somewhere else to post.
Not open for further replies.
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