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I remember seeing quizzes like that during earlier football (or whatever other sport) competitions. As the Euro 2016 starts tomorrow and there isn't quiz ready, I decided to do one:

Group A: France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland

1. In which year Swiss GP was contested in Dijon, France?
1982, won by Keke Rosberg.

2. Romanian-born Colin Kolles was the boss for Midland team in 2006. The team fielded five different Friday drivers during the season, including one Swiss and one French. Name them.
Giorgio Mondini (Switzerland) and Alexandre Prémat (France)

Group B: England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia

3. Which driver has achieved better result in a Grand Prix, Jenson Button at Sochi or Daniil Kvyat in Silverstone?
It's Jenson. Button was 4th in Russian 2014. Kvyat was 6th in British GP 2015.

4. Welsh driver started 1975 British GP from the pole. Who?
Tom Pryce

Group C: Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Northern Ireland

5. Which duo raced more Grand Prix's as team-mates: Michael Schumacher/Eddie Irvine or Nick Heidfeld/Robert Kubica?

Schumacher and Irvine had 58 (taking account Michael DNS in France 1996), while Heidfeld and Kubica were team-mates in 57 races.

Group D: Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia

6. Tomas Enge raced for Prost in three races. In how many qualifying sessions of these three he was beaten by Fernando Alonso in a Minardi.

Two. Enge was faster in Monza, Alonso beat him in the latter two races, including Suzuka by 36 thousands of seconds.

7. Alonso finished on the podium four times in seven Turkish GPs. But apart from him, which was the best result for Spanish driver in Istanbul?

5th, Pedro de la Rosa in 2006.

Group E: Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Sweden

8. Which driver took his only GP win at Zolder?

It was Swedish driver, Gunnar Nilsson

9. How many podiums Giancarlo Fisichella achieved driving for Jordan?

Three. Won Brazil 2003, 2nd in Belgium 1997 and 3rd in Canada 1997.

Group F: Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary

10. How many times F1 calendar included Portuguese, Austrian and Hungarian Grand Prix's?`

Two times. Hungarian GP debuted in 1986 and Austrian GP was taken out after 1987. When it returned in 1997, Portuguese GP was off the calendar.
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