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here is an overview of the tyre strategy in monaco

Driver	Team			Stint 1	Stint 2	Stint 3
Hamilton McLaren S-Soft Soft Soft
Kovalainen McLaren Soft Soft DNF
Massa Ferrari Soft Soft S-Soft
Raikkonen Ferrari Soft Soft S-Soft
Kubica BMW Soft Soft DNF
Heidfeld BMW Soft S-Soft
Alonso Renault Soft Soft S-Soft
Piquet Renault Soft DNF
Trulli Toyota Soft Soft S-Soft
Glock Toyota Soft S-Soft
Bourdais Toro Rosso Soft S-Soft
Buemi Toro Rosso Soft DNF
Webber Red Bull Soft Soft S-Soft
Vettel Red Bull S-Soft Soft DNF
Rosberg Williams Soft Soft S-Soft
Nakajima Williams Soft Soft S-Soft
Sutil Force India S-Soft Soft Soft
Fisichella Force India Soft S-Soft
Button Brawn GP S-Soft Soft Soft
Barrichello Brawn GP S-Soft Soft Soft

same very interesting comparisons can be made. LH for instance, pitted in lap 10, presumably cos of tyres cos he did have fuel for over 20 laps. while button, on the same tyres, pitted in lap 17. also mainly cos of tyres. jenson more then 7 laps longer on the S Softs then LH is surpising.

at the time of his first pit stop LH was 45 sec behond button, thats more then 4 secs per lap slower. ok, LH was in the back and in traffic but still. how is this possible? one would imagine LH would have used KERS but the time loss per lap is simply mind boggling. from these times one could say LH didn't push at all until pitstop 1. any thoughts would be appreciated. apparently LH had issues with his front wing. could that be the reason?

barrichello made his first pits stop in lap 16, 1 lap ahead of button and was at that time 12 secs behind button. which confirms the story rubens told that his tyres suffered from being behind button.
Obviously Hamilton just didn't try. I'm sure we could all have done much better... :whistle:

Anyway, to answer the questions, Lewis stopped early because McLaren thought there might be a Safety Car following the crash between Piquet and Buemi, on lap 10. They had nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain by doing so.

By the end of lap 1 with the usual field spread Hamilton was already over 15s behind Button. He was stuck behind Heidfeld and Sutil and running to their pace. If he was in tyre trouble, I don't know, but he was easily able to stay on the back of the BMW and Force India right up to lap 10.

Initially Rubens was running to roughly the same pace as Jenson, however from about lap 11 onwards he lost around 1.5s/lap, a very big difference to be sure. I don't know why Brawn left him out for six laps before pitting him for the correct tyres though.

Thanks for posting the strategies, boga :thumbsup:
Yeah, I thought McLaren bombed it in so he could lead under Safety Car if they were lucky!

Hamilton hit a BMW at St. Devote at one point and damaged his front wing? I don't think you can be too harsh on him for anything to be honest, although some will always find a way...
If LH had damage and he knew it was making him slip back through/stop him progressing through the field, why didn't he come in to get it fixed sooner. Another bad by VMM or LH himself?
not just a front wing, the whole one side of a floor board apparently. from what i understood, he drove with both the broken wing and the iffy floor plate the enitre race, not sure he had the things replaced.

to be honest, it was new for me. but in the other place this is used as a reason why LH performed so meagerly. i think its rubbish myself cos if it bothered LH in anyway then he or the team would have had it fixed. like jen says.

ah, and my remark that it looked like LH was not pushing, has a question mark. so i am not sure about this but the time dropped on the s softs by him was a bit massive.

thanks for cleaning up the attachment bro.
bogaTYR said:
thanks for cleaning up the attachment bro.
My pleasure boga, thanks for posting the data.
P.S. Was it that obvious it was me? LOL
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just a lucky guess bro. i already was truly surprised i managed to get youtube stuff in postings. so progress is being made :) next time i will try your advice as was suddenly added to your previous mail. i am trying to keep up :)
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