Top 10 Quizzes - United States 2005


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So, a top 10 quiz for a race with 6 starters? The top 4 from qualifying make a cameo!

1. Michael Schumacher has only finished outside the Championship top 4 once before in a year he completed every race. Which one?

1997... He was not classified!

2. Since his début in 1993, Rubens Barrichello has scored the third highest number of points. With Michael Schumacher obviously in third, who leapfrogged the Brazilian into second this year?

Stat accurate after 2010 British GP

Fernando Alonso

3. Tiago Monteiro scored Jordan's 19th and last podium at the 2005 USGP. There are 6 other drivers to score podiums for Jordan. 1/6th of a point for each.

Barrichello (1994 Pac, 1995 Can), Irvine (1995 Can), Ralf Schu (1997 Arg, 1998 Bel, Ita), Fisichella (1997 Can, Bel, 2003 Brz), Hill (1998 Bel), Frentzen (1999 Aus, Brz, Fra, Ger, Bel, Ita, 2000 Brz, Usa)

4. Narain Karthikeyan's 4th place at the 2005 USGP was his (and India's) best F1 result. What is his second best result?


5. Christijan Albers' last race came for Spyker in the 2007 French Grand Prix. Which driver scored his first point of the season at that race?

Jenson Button, in the "wonderful" Earth Car!

6. What was Patrick Friesacher's highest starting position in F1?

13th at Monaco! BAR were banned, Montoya and Ralf Schu did not set times in quali and Friesacher qualified at the head of 2005's Min-Jordan train!

7. When Jarno Trulli retired from the 2010 Bahrain GP, he became the first man to retire a Lotus in F1 since whom?

Mika Salo at the 1994 Australian GP. (Sorry, cat!)

8. What was Kimi Raikkonen's worst result when finishing a Belgian Grand Prix?

1st! 7 starts, 3 DNFs, 4 wins!

9. At which race in 2003 did Jenson Button first lead an F1 lap?


10. With which constructor did Giancarlo Fisichella start most races?

I expect better mathematics from the site moderators, jez.

2 and 2/6. Surely you must reduce it to its simplest form of 2 1/3!
1 & 1/2. I know, must do better..!

(Thanks to TBY for alerting me to the foibles of algebra and allowing me to avoid forgetting to find the lowest common denominator. It was 1 & 3/6 really!)
For the record, I deliberately left it as 2/6 as there were 6 answers required for one of the questions.
2 points for me.

(though thanks to the fractions system I got all 6 drivers correct and only get 1 point for my efforts)

Bullfrog said:
I was considering it. :whistle:

Don't do that! I've only got a lowsy 2 again :)

As soon as we get into historic questions I've got more chance of winning the pools than I have of picking a right answer ;)
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