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To celebrate Spain's World Cup win, constructed in Barcelona, it is time to consider the Circuit de Catalunya's first F1 race. Maybe.

The Clip the Apex Database would suggest that the top 10 were these chancers:

So the questions will be about them!

1. In the six races of Nigel Mansell's return to F1 in 1994-95, how many retirements did he face?

3, in addition to a win, a fourth and a tenth

2. What percentage of Renault's historical Grand Prix wins were by Alain Prost?

a)25.7 % (b)27.7% (c)30.7% (d)33.7% or (e)36.7%

a, 9/35

3. Riccardo Patrese had 6 wins, for Brabham in the 1980s and for Williams in the 1990s. How many for each constructor?

Brabham 2
Williams 4

4. What was Jean Alesi's best ever Championship position?

4th in 1996/97

5. When Ayrton Senna died in 1994, he was on a streak of pole postions. How many consecutive races did he bring his pole streak to at the 1994 San Marino GP?

4 - the first three races of 1994, and the last race of 1993 - his only pole of the season!

6. Michael Schumacher only raced six times in 1991, but scored as many points as the man he originally replaced, Bertrand Gachot, with 4 for Benetton in the last 5. How many did the man he swapped places with between the Belgian and Italian Grands Prix, Roberto Moreno, score all season?

Half a point for 6,7,9 or 10

7. In which country did Mauricio Gugelmin score a fastest lap in 1989?

France, after flipping his car at the start!

8. JJ Lehto's only career podium came in the 1991 San Marino Grand Prix. Which constructor was he racing for?

Dallara - point for Scuderia Italia.

9. What was the highest position Alessandro Zanardi ran in the 1999 Italian Grand Prix.

3rd, behind Hakkinen and Frentzen in the opening 17 laps

10. Martin Brundle has been commentating on F1 since 1997. Michael Schumacher has won the most races since he took up the mic, with 69. How many other drivers must you have in this time period to exceed this total?

4. With Alonso's 22, Hakkinen's 20 and Raikkonen's 18 you get 69, so you must then add either Hamilton (13), Coulthard (12), Massa (11) or Barrichello (11) to make 69.

Viva Espana!


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Well, as my mum used to say, after the Lord Mayor's show comes the shit cart 'cos I got 4.

BTW, the button for 7 shows the answer for 8 TBY - makes no difference as I didn't know the answer anyway.

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Edited for bypassing the swear filetr. I'm as guilty as everyone else

Wooo Hooo! I can't believe it!

I scored a magnificent ONE point! :swoon:

It feels like a victory, it really does......... :unsure:
cider_and_toast said:
a fair to middling 5 1/2 today. Another good quiz TBY. :thumbsup:

Oh so thats the way it is then CaT, fair to middling? :D

The same score for me (Thats 5 1/2 for you Bulldog;)) happens to be my best ever quiz performance
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