Top 10 Quizzes - 1996 Monaco Grand Prix


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It might be nice to have a quiz where all the pressure's off Quiz Championship players, so here's yet another top 10 quiz from a day there weren't enough finishers. Keeps the cast list random, the last couple finished 15 laps down.

1. Olivier Panis spent 6 years at Ligier/Prost, name the other two teams he raced with in F1 for half a point each.

BAR and Toyota

2. David Coulthard's birth month of March 1971 saw Scottish legend Jackie Stewart beaten at Kyalami by a first time winner. Who?

Mario Andretti

3. Johnny Herbert took his Sauber #14 to the podium in this race, for half a point each name the two other drivers to take a Sauber #14 onto that third step.

Jean Alesi at Spa in 1998, Kamui Kobayashi at Suzuka in 2012. (Spa, Monaco and Suzuka, eh? ;))

4. Heinz-Harald Frentzen would again finish 4th at the very next race at Barcelona. How many drivers finished on the lead lap?

3 - Alesi and Villeneuve joined Schumi

5. What did Mika Salo achieve at Monaco from 1996-98, and why wasn't this too impressive?

He scored points in three consecutive Monaco Grand Prix without scoring a point elsewhere in between.

6. How many podiums had Mika Hakkinen achieved before his breakthrough win in Jerez?

(Half point for 13,14,16,17)

7. What did Eddie Irvine do in 2000 that he never did at any other point in his career, necessitated by a change of team?

Failed to improve his Championship position compared to the previous year.

8. Jacques Villeneuve never won at Monaco. When his dad did, who finished second?

Alan Jones

9. Giovanni "Jean" Alesi led 265 laps in F1. How many times did he lead more laps than the 34 he led the first time he hit the front at Phoenix in 1990?

Once, his heartbreaking 52 laps at the 1995 European GP

10. Luca Badoer's F1 career spanned 16 years, but in how many of those years did he complete a full season?

Just 2. 1993 and 1995.
He didn't have a drive in 1994, 1997-8 and 2000-08, his team folded in 1996, he missed the Brazilian GP in 1999 and was a two race stand in in 2009

2 & ½

Answering GP quiz's isn't my strong point. Answering any quiz isn't my strong point..!

...But, I have done worse!! :snigger:


What d'you mean, that's not the attitude..!

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