Time for Barrichello to quit F1?


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I've liked Rubens Barrichello for many years, but recently his preformances have been nothing short of lousy.

I think he's losing interest in F1 and he's been beat by his rookie teammate Maldonado on a few occassions this season.

I for one would like to see him move to a series like DTM or WTCC where he'd be likely to win races much more often.

What are you opinions?
Yes I think he should really, he's relatively old he doesn't seem to have the pace, but Williams being nowhere doesn't help matters.

I think the main reason he stayed on, was due to his time at Brawn GP when he was considering about retiring, but he won a few races and proved to himself he still had what it takes to win. But in reality, I don't see him winning again...just like Schumacher and Trulli.
Oh, and lest we forget Rubens demonstrated how well he can drive a heap of crap in that infamous tussle with Schumi in Hungary last year. You or I would have cacked it and let the mad German go but Rubinho held on in there and came out on top. That takes some commitment.:goodday:

Don't forget Rubens rubbish pitstop today. Not his fault.
This will be his last season, he can't be enjoying it at the moment, hardly any chances of points or Q3. It begs the question whether Monza 2009 was his final hurrah?
I think this is a little harsh. He is still beating Maldonado more often than not, and the weekend can be a bit of a write off due to the brakes problem he had in quali. I'm pushing more for Maldonado to get cut than Barrichello.
Rubens should have quit 2 or 3 years ago (along with Trulli) but F1 drivers keep hanging in there and team managers keep giving them drives so maybe they know more than we do?
I'm not sure i agree with any of this. Rubens finished 3rd in 2009, beat Hulkenberg last year by over twice as much points and looks for all the world like he could beat, an albeit, poor Maldonado this year. Rubo is consistent, exactly what Williams needs now.
Rubens should have quit 2 or 3 years ago (along with Trulli) but F1 drivers keep hanging in there and team managers keep giving them drives so maybe they know more than we do?

The only thing i can think of is they experience and to help the rookies coming into F1. But Sauber are proving this year that you can have two rookish drivers in the and score points.
hmm I'm not sure, I was very impressed by his 2010 season and I think he still has it, certainly more then his old ferrari teammate. I think 2009 re-energised him. I'm gonna wait before saying he should go cos I reckon he can still beat some of the rookies
Not just some of the Rookies, Downforce. He's only 39 and not done yet. He does need to be in a team on the up. I fear Williams have yet to reach their nadir. Would really like to know what's going on behind the garage doors these days.:bored:
The only teams that will hire Barrichello are the teams at the back of the midfield, his experience is key according to Williams.

As Hammydigrassi points out Sauber have an inexperienced line up and they seem to be coping well.

I think he's clutching at his straws now since they are so many young guns aiming for seats, but I think Maldonado out of the two of them will get the drop.
I think Rubens is the one decent thing Williams have at the moment. You may not see him as an F1 ace but he a hell of a car developer.

Just look at his track record - Every team he's been with has been better off after a couple of years of having him as a driver than they were before. I should imagine he's invaluable to an under funded Williams team
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