RIP Anthonie Hubert


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Today saw the death of 22 year old French driver Anton Hubert in the F2 race at Spa. It's been talked about in the F2 thread but thought it warrented a thread of its own.

Hubert was a contemporary of the likes of LeClerc and Ocon as well as former team mate of George Russell. He was competitive at every level of Motorsport he compeated in and took many race wins. He was a French F4 champion and last year's GP3 champion. He'd made the best start of any rookie to his F2 career this season and took wins in both Monaco and his home race in France. Whether F1 was in the cards for him is unclear but he was certainly a talented driver with a long career in Motorsport ahead of him that was cut short today. I won't go into the ins and outs of the crash but it seems a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I don't know much about him as a person but the one thing I can say is that he seemed well liked amongst his fellow competitors. I, and many others, will miss watching him race but thoughts go to his friends and family who will miss him far more in life.

Thanks for entertaining us Anton and may you rest in peace.
I will admit I don't follow F2 and I had no idea who this young Frenchman was, yet I am still saddened to hear of his death due to motor racing. Any death is one too many but we all know that racing in cars is dangerous and always will be. This just focusses the mind and makes you realise exactly how dangerous it can be. Rest in peace Anton and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends obviously.

Edit: I just read that the other driver involved Juan Manuel Correa is still in intensive care with two broken legs and a spinal injury. My thoughts and prayers are also with him, his family and friends too. Thankfully he's stable right now, I hope that continues to be the case and that he makes a full recovery from his injuries.
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Just read the below about the other driver involved in this crash. This is just awful.

On Twitter by Andrew Benson said:
Juan Manuel Correa, the other driver involved in the F2 accident that killed Anthoine Hubert, has suffered acute respiratory failure and is in an induced state of unconsciousness in intensive care in critical but stable condition
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