Things ... Things we know now that we didn't know before - China GP 2015

... nope that was courtesy of one Lewis Hamilton whose weaving to break a tow - as opposed to blocking - was another fine example of the FIA finding a reason to penalise the bloke. Can't remember where that was but when I do I'll post it!

Fenderman Wasn't it at Hungary? I don't remember the year but I'm sure it was on the main run into turn one where he was weaving left and right.
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What was that? I felt something in my stomach watching that footage it was like a long lost ember sparking back into life something I thought had gone out for good, no doubt the next race will piss on it though...
I think the no weaving rule came in way way before that I can remember it being discussed in the 90's it was mentioned in a newspaper or it may have been the F1 magazine the gob Irvine was saying that they were trying to explain the one move rule to Damon in a drivers briefing and he reckoned that Damon didn't get it..

Not everything is down to Lewis, people just like to make him out to be the victim of the stewards when he isn't, once again that 2010 incident was just a simple clarification of an already existing rule that the Lewis fans got the 'ump about..
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2010 sounds about right, teabagyokel , when Hamilton seemed to get penalised a little too often. Without wishing to go too far off-piste I think the weaving was in front of Petrov and it probably was Malaysia!

With regard to weaving in order to block, it was one of those long standing, unwritten rules. It was eventually written into the rulebook and refined into the dictat that a driver can make one defensive move "off-line" and one move to return to the "racing line" for a corner.
Sorry Meph', but there are two kinds of weaving. Until Hamilton got a ticking off for it (the more I think about it I think he got a reprimand) weaving to break a tow was not illegal. As for the weaving to block an opponent from overtaking that probably was quite a long time ago, maybe even the 1990's, but the rule was tightened and redefined much more recently.
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Fenderman the no weaving rule has been clarified umpteen times over the years due to umpteen different drivers, but there is no doubt in my mind that it started with Micheal Schumacher the 2010 incident was no different from any other..
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Ok, here's an excellent article I found from F1metrics explaining the rules of racing, with some good diagrams. It also covers the Hamilton/Petrov 'breaking the slipstream' incident:

And here's another from AtlasF1 on the history of the introduction of safety regulations; note the addition to the Sporting Code in 2000 on 'defensive changes of position'.

Finally, here's one from F1fanatic on the difference between written and unwritten rules, which sums the whole thing up perfectly for me:

btw - are we still on topic for the thread? Apologies if not.
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