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Once again, we here at Good things / Bad things towers have been overwhelmed by the complete lack of feedback from our fans. To that end we recently found £5 down the back of the office sofa and employed well known consultants Custard, Cream and Biscuit to run some focus groups. The response from our fan was interesting to read and we will certainly take onboard the advice however, we are still trying to figure out how to get it up there and why sideways?

Anyway, on with the French GP edition.

Good things:

The strategic battle - Once again, lots of teams tried different options. We had two stoppers versus one stoppers and long runners versus early stoppers. As a result we had winners and losers on track and it made for a more interesting race.

The long runners - Hats off to Perez, Norris and the Aston's for running long and for Hamilton who squeezed out every drop of pace from his knackered hards.

Bad things:

Ferrari - Just when you think the seeds of Ferrari's improvement have started to germinate they put in a performance that they thought they'd left behind. The first time they've failed to podium in France since it returned to the calendar in 2018 and third time both cars have been classified finishers but outside of the points in the last 12 months.

Mercedes - as the pressure grows the team show they are human after all. It's relatively easy to win championships when you don't have other teams for rivals but now that they do it's not all plain sailing. If it wasn't for the brilliance of Hamilton they'd be 3 feet deep and sinking.

Over to you....
The Good

We have a genuine title fight

Mclaren - definitely their mojo back

Gasly - solid again


The Bad

Mercedes another f🤬 if you want to be harsh

Ferrari - what happened in the race?

Alpine - what happened - terrible showing at home race?

Bottas - the mistake or failure to defend
what i love about this season. is the Hamilton v Verstappen slugfest. its great to see, reminds me of the 1st 3 years of watching F1. when every race i couldnt wait to see Hakkinen & Schumacher going blow for blow weekend after weekend. its something i dont think ive seen regularly in separate teams since Hakkinen retired

ferrari dropping like stone on hard tyres. it was painful to watch

too many teams trusting the data & not the drivers they pay millions for

The weather gods following advice from Bernie and washed the rubber off the circuit so drivers didn't haave to stick to only one line.


Tempts me to put my hand in my pocket and pay so that I can see the whole race.
One more to add to the bad.

Sky's intro just before the race - Yes, this season is shaping up to be a good one but no Sky, you can't just pretend that the last 7 seasons of Mercedes domination didn't happen with your "they say that F1 is predictable....." Nonsense

One Swallow does not a summer make.
cider_and_toast it is stupid for sky to say that F1 isnt predictable, because it is predictable as we all know it will be hamilton v verstappen & if anything thats the predictablity that makes this season very enjoyable
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