The Vettel or Webber Quiz


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There's no ancient history in this quiz and only two possible answers to each question: 'Vettel', or 'Webber'. I'm expecting some top scores!

1. He made his debut for the team out of Faenza, Italy.

2. He has the higher finish at the Macau Grand Prix.
Vettel, 3rd in 2005. Webber was 4th in 1997.

3. He had more podiums in F3.
Vettel, 16 vs Webber 9.

4. Who finished ahead in Vettel's first race?
Webber by 0.452 seconds.

5. His debut race was his best result that season.
Webber. It took him 3 years to even match his debut result.

6. He outqualified his team mate by 0.7s in his second outing.
Webber, but he was up against Alex Yoong. Vettel was 0.447 slower than Liuzzi and was knocked out in Q1

7. His KERS malfunctioned at the 2011 Spanish Grand Prix.
Vettel. It might have cost him pole and it still didn't work during the race. He still won though.

8. He won Red Bull Racing's first race.
Vettel. China 2009 which was his 3rd and Mark's 38th race for the team. Must've hurt...

9. He was born in the year of the rabbit.
Vettel. Explains his first lap pace, perhaps?

10. He was born on a Friday.
Both of them. 1 point if you said Webber, 1 point if you said Vettel, but 11 points if you said both.
I did the quiz but forgot to count which ones I got right as I went along so I don't know how many I scored.:facepalm:

Lets call it 3 to be on the safe side.... :(
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9, pretty happy with that
(I fell into the "Must've been Mark's KERS that failed, especially because he didn't win that race that year" trap :p)
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