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I more of a CoD person in general, but I fear this time they may have over complicated the multiplayer aspect of the game. I also played the Xbox version of BF 3 beta, apart from the bugs and glitches (which are reported to have been fixed on the latest version) the game was quite promising considering I'd never played a Battlefield game before, with the graphics and sound particularly impressive.
I absolutely hated the last CoD (MW2) with all the stupid multipliers, awards, flashy graphics and sounds, etc.

My favourite CoD was MW, closely followed by WaW.
Hmm MW2 really is a mixed bunch. It had a really nice engine and nearly all weapons were viable. It was just the balancing of the game that let it down, such as the unlimited grenade launchers, Commando knifing and the deathstreaks.

I think your also forgetting Black Ops. A bit of a let down for me, the graphics are no better than Cod4 which came out 4 years ago and the pace of the game is incredibly slow, most due to the fact that when they removed Stopping Power the next best perk became Ghost and don't even get me started on Second Chance...
I've played every single CoD game, from the original PC game to all the console versions. My ultimate favourite was "United Offensive", closely followed by CoD4:MW and CoD2 (or WaW - can't decide!). Since CoD4:MW, the SP versions have been ultimately rather lightweight (WaW excepted) - I enjoyed MW2, but it just wasn't meaty enough in SP; Black Ops had a great SP story, but was again too short (& too easy on Veteran). MP kept me going for a while, but once you get fixated on K/D ratios in TDM, it's time to put it down and play Ratchet & Clank instead...

I've got the MW3 Hardened edition on pre-order, and no doubt Mrs Bones will become a MP widow for a couple of months, but to be honest, I'll be amazed if the SP campaign takes me more than a few hours to complete.
This was the best thing I've ever seen on The Gadget Show ever out of all the builds ever in every series ever.
I want one, and I will think about it so hard that eventually I will believe that I have got one.
Please undo the straps, the jacket's starting to hurt now!
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