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Its Felipe Massa's favourite time of the year again, Turkish Grand Prix time. And to coincide there'll be a Turkish Quiz here on Clip the Apex. Here it is!

  1. Name the only driver other than Felipe Massa to win the Turkish GP.

    Kimi Raikkonen, in 2005 for McLaren
  2. How did Turkey legend Massa perform for Sauber in the first Turkish GP in 2005?

    He retired with engine trouble after qualifying 8th
  3. Why was the Turkish GP in trouble with the FIA in 2006?

    Massa's winning trophy was presented by Mehmet Ali Talat, President of the unrecognised Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The FIA gave the Grand Prix a fine.
  4. Who has managed to be involved in collisions on lap 1 in Turkey for the last three years?

    Giancarlo Fisichella
  5. Who was the only non-classified runner at the 2007 race?

    Mark Webber, retired on lap 9
  6. In 2005, finishing position impacted upon qualifying for the next round. Who ran 20 laps after retiring from the 2005 race and getting his car fixed in order to improve his quali slot for the Italian GP?

    Michael Schumacher - he pulled into the garage after overhauling Nick Heidfeld for 16th place!
  7. Istanbul, or Constantinople as it was once called, straddles the two continents of Asia and Europe. Which continent is Istanbul Park on?

    Istanbul Park is on the Asian side of the border.
  8. The feature race at the 2006 Turkish GP2 race is famous for Lewis Hamilton's comeback to finish 2nd, but who won the race?

    Nelsinho Piquet of Piquet Sports
  9. In another exciting second place for Hamilton last year, how far behind winner Felipe Massa did the Brit finish?

    [a]1.779s 3.779s [c]5.779s [d]7.779s or [e]28.779s

    I wonder if I'll ever ask another multiple choice question...?

    [*]Who shared the front row with Massa last year?

    Finland's Heikki Kovalainen

    Not much material, so bear with me. I'm not sure about next week, maybe we'll have the USGP?
A brilliant 2 for me.

Oh well, looks like its a cap with a letter "D" on it and a chair facing the corner again !!!

Make way for me guys. I'm afraid I've supassed myself this time... oh, wait. No I haven't! I got ONE right! :oops:

Can I borrow that cap with a "D" on it CaT?
The Dominicali dunce's cap is only awarded for zeroness, you should all know that!

I can confirm that next week will be the United States GP quiz including US West, East and Las Vegas!

No questions will be asked about USGPE, my medium is the past. I'm awful at the future people!

I wish Bernie would go back to the traditional heartlands then I could just ask a blanket Middle East quiz for Bahrain/Turkey and be done with it. (Could be called the Massa Quiz!)
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