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As some of you know, prior to migrating to the new software we had an F1 database which covered all of the races in F1 since 1950.
It wasn't as comprehensive as Forix or some of the other databases available, but it did allow for a unique comparison feature.
You could, for example, compare two drivers in the same team, two teams or drivers on a particular circuit, even a circuit over two different seasons.

Sadly when we moved to the new software, the original developer (gribbli) was no longer available and we were forced to remove it as it wasn't compatible. The lack of funds also meant we couldn't hire a new developer.

I am therefore pleased to announce that Mike has very kindly offered to redevelop it. Mike is the owner and developer of the software we use (XenForo) so is more than qualified.

It won't be the same as the first incarnation as some of the comparisons weren't really valid or that useful.
it will however be fully integrated it into the site, allowing us to define permissions for accessing it, etc.
It will also expose a lot more of the data which was defined in the database and allow for dynamic charting using Flot.
Most importantly, individual views and queries will have a unique URL allowing people to link to specific pages; something which wasn't possible before.

There is an awful lot of work to be done so it won't be something that will happen overnight.
With that said, if anyone has some spare time and would like to help with collating data, mainly using Excel spreadsheets, please let us know.

The majority of the data previously compiled is still valid; essentially all that's missing is 2010, 2011 and 2012.
In addition, there is a table listing interesting facts and other titbits of information which we would like to expand on.
I need to review the data as it hasn't been looked at in over 12 months, so I'll post back with a list of what needs to be done.
So after further discussion, we have decided to change the approach somewhat.

There are already numerous comprehensive databases out there and to compete with those would require a significant level of work. Even then, we would struggle to match the quantity of data which can be found in places like Forix and Manipe.
That being the case, there seems little point in spending thousands of hours producing an inferior product.

So, we're going to focus on the overtaking data and expand on what we have.
That will include a complete breakdown back to 2004, with race level data back to 1982.
We will also expand the dataset to include tyre compounds and number of laps used, wherever the data is available.

Initially however we're looking at the following:

Weather conditions
Total passes per GP
Individual breakdown per GP
Tyre compounds
Age of tyre/laps used
DRS assisted

We can then merge the current overtaking page and the individual race hub pages into this new application, keeping all of the overtaking data in one place.

Edit: We'll set up a dedicated forum to discuss this, if anyone would like to be given access to the forum to discuss and help with the development, please say.
I can help with weather and tyre details if you like. I also have far too many titbits of info for the older races stored in my memory.
Just to finally close this off, when we started working on the new database and gathered feedback from several members, the general consensus was there was no need for yet another database, considering all the existing ones which are available elsewhere.

That being the case, we changed direction and developed an overtaking database instead, which is unique.

See this thread for more details:
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