The Numbers Quiz 0-9


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It is true that cars in F1 have numbers on them. This quiz is about the first 10 of those numbers running from 0-9. Unsurprisingly, there may be additional quizzes on this theme!

0. Damon Hill drove car ?0 in 1993 and 1994. There is only one other driver to drive car ?0, at the 1973 Canadian & US Grand Prix. Who?

Jody Scheckter

1. ?1 has been recently reserved for the World Champion. However, there have been non-World Champions who have driven ?1 in the past. Who was the last man to drive ?1 despite not being a Champion?

Ronnie Peterson in 1974

2. Which driver won the world title in car ?2 on 3 occasions?

Alain Prost in 1985, 1989 and 1993

3. Luca Badoer drove car ?3 at the 2009 European and Belgian Grand Prix. How far was he behind his victorious team-mate Kimi Raikkonen in Belgium?

(a) 54.2s (b) 1m18s (c) 1m36s (d)1m42s (e)1 LAP

d, 1m42s. a was the distance behind Raikkonen of the next worst car, of Kazuki Nakajima

4. In Tyrell's long spell with ?3 and ?4 from 1973-1995, ?4 only won one race. Who was the winner?

Patrick Depailler in Monaco in 1978

5. Nigel Mansell won the world title in car ?5 in 1992. What was his worst finish of the year?


6. Name the three World Champions since 1980 to have won a World Title in car ?6 for a third of a point each!

Rosberg, Piquet and Raikkonen

7. The first person to drive ?7 in a non-Indy 500 World Championship race was Peter Walker at the 1951 British Grand Prix. What team did Walker drive for?

BRM. He didn't set a time in qualifying but finished 7th.

8. Mika Hakkinen won the World Title in 1998 in car ?8. How many points did he get?

[1 point for ±5, ½ point for ±10]


9. Olivier Panis' win in car ?9 in 1996 was the first time in 21 years that ?9 had taken the chequered flag in 1st. Who won ?9's previous race?

Vittorio Brambrilla in Austria in 1975!
It has been brought to my attention there was a factual error on Question 1.

My intention was to spotlight the last non-Champion driver to drive car ?1 for a full season, which was
Ronnie Peterson in 1974
. However, it has been brought to my attention by cider_and_toast that for one race
in 1985, John Watson replaced Niki Lauda in car ?1 due to injury.

For this reason, points for
remain, but for guessing
you will be given an additional point.

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