The new BMW Sauber C29


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A bit of a low key launch and no studio shots available.

Below are the only images that are around at the moment.

Edit: Studio shots now added. Click for larger versions.


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I thought that shark fins were horrifically ugly when they first appeared on CART cars decades ago and nothing has changed. They are still eyesores, surpassed only by the front wings which predominate on modern F1 cars, but which look more appropriate for plowing snow. Oh, for the long-passed beauty of the AAR Eagle and the JPS Lotus 72. It is to weep! :(
I'm loving the irony of a car with a Ferrari engine being run by a team called BMW Sauber (and yes, I know why they haven't changed the name)
I'm wondering if this is the first time a motor manufacturer has been the "headline" sponsor of a team that has used a different engine completely.

Contractual issues aside it's pretty weird isn't it?
There's some previous on this CaT, Matra sponsored a Tyrrell entered car powered by a Ford engine in the late 60's and Jackie Stewart won a world title.

In a smaller way McLaren and Lotus are both car manufacturers who have never used their own engines...
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