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So here are the rules, I have posed a questions for which there are multiple answers but you only get a point if you match the answers I have given. Your answers may be perfectly legitimate but if they don't match mine you ain't having a point. "But that's not fair!" I hear you shout. I know, good innit :D Total is out of 50.

1. Name 10 British F1 drivers

Nigel Mansell, Brian Henton, Justin Wilson, Jenson Button, Tom Pryce, Guy Edwards, Jackie Oliver, John Surtees, Jim Clark, Stuart Lewis-Evans

2. Name 10 British Formula 1 teams

Hesketh, Vanwall, Brabham, Williams, Toleman, LEC, Spirit, Cooper, Ensign, Jaguar

3. Name 10 French F1 drivers

Bourdais, Dallmas, Servoz-Gavin, Cevert, Prost, Jabouille, Pironi, Behra, Alliot, Jarier

4. Name 10 circuits used in the F1 World Championship since 1950 (circuit name)

Mosport, Avus, Brands Hatch, Paul Ricard, Tanaka, Donington Park, Spa, Monza, Suzuka, Zandvoort

5. 18 countries have given us 5 or fewer F1 drivers, can you name 10?

Monaco (3), Chile (1), Rhodesia (5), East Germany (4), Ireland (5), Thailand (1), Czech Republic (1), Poland (1), Russia (2), India (2)
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10/50 - definitely not fair :p

However, I just have some questions FB...

Is Brabham actually British? Brabham himself was Australian, and I think his first cars were made in Australia (with engines from Repco, who are also Australian). They were eventually based in the UK, however so is Mercedes...

Maybe make it more obvious that you mean circuits which have ever featured a round? I thought it was for the current championship... unless you intend it this way?

I took the countries of the teams from the Wiki page of F1 teams and that listed Brabham as English.

I've modify Q4 but I had hoped it was fairly obvious
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