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1. Who, at the Austrian Grand Prix in 1982, when asked about how it felt to be racing against Niki Lauda answered "Niki who?"

The Knacker from Dundalk - Tommy Byrne

2. Although a proud Frenchman what is Alain Prost's heritage?

He's Armenian

3. Which non British driver was awarded an OBE for Services to Motorsport in 1993?

Alain Prost

4. Derek Daly had an unusual occupation before becoming a racing driver, what was it?

He was a gold miner in Australia to fund his ambitions to be a racing driver

5. Shadow were sponsored by UOP. What does UOP stand for?

United Oil Predicament

6. Who is credited with designing the McLaren M23?

Gordon Coppuck

7. John Barnard led the design of one of the greatest F1 cars of all time, the McLaren MP4. What's he doing these days?

He designs furniture, made from carbon fibre of course

8. Which team were the first to use an engine built by Brian Hart in F1?

Candy Team Toleman

9. Back in the 80's the F1 drivers used to drive in a support race at each Grand Prix. What car did they use?

BMW M1's

10. Where did David Coulthard get the money to start a motor racing career?

His family runs a haulage company in Twynholm in Scotland - Now called Hayton Coulthard
Urrm, did I make it a bit tough? Sorry guys, did all of these from memory. Shows the sort of crap I carry about in my head.
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