FIA The FIA admits the controversy at the Abu Dhabi GP is “tarnishing the image of the Championship”

I agree. That’s what’s coming. I don’t think anything that happens next will take the bad taste out of my mouth. So sad for this great sport.
The FIA and F1 are removing all videos from social media in which Hamilton states the race is being manipulated.

Good to see they're being transparent about everything.

I personally would like this to be the beginning of the end of F1 (I can dream).
I personally would like this to be the beginning of the end of F1 (I can dream).
It would only come close to that if Mercedes are prepared to pull out all the legal stops to challenge the FIA.

The other problem is that for as many people outraged at the blatant manipulation of the running of the race there are a significant number of people who dislike Mercedes / Hamilton or both and are more delighted about their defeat and not the bothered about that manner of it.
They’ve already changed the rules on a knighthood at the last minute.
Mika Hakkinen thinks it would have been worse if the rules were followed.


I agree with him.

By finishing under racing, there was a race for the finish. Either driver could have finished ahead, it just happened to be Verstappen.

By finishing under the safety car, it was handing the championship to Hamilton.
The rules were ignored.

Hamilton had no chance of defending due to tyre life.

It was no more a race than finishing under the SC would have been.
Mercedes chose not to pit to prioritise track position. There was absolutely no guarantee that Verstappen would be able to overtake. Note that Perez also managed to defend against Haminton earlier in the race under similar circumstances.
The race was handed to Max by manipulating rules in a way never ever done in any race before that even then were not applied consistently to all competitors in this race.

Selective application of non existent "rules" by officials is either a) gross incompetence b) cheating to achieve a desired outcome or c) the result of corruption, bribery or coercion...

The FIA idea that we misunderstood what was happening is condescending and quite frankly shows how blond their hierarchy is to the damage such behaviour dies to the reputation of the sport. Sponsors do not like the idea that their investment of millions can be for naught at the whim of a race director making up rules to deliberately favour another competitor.
“Mercedes chose not to prioritise track position” Do you realise how ridiculous what you have said is?

There was an absolute guarantee Max would overtake. Note Hamilton would never have been able to defend like Perez did because Max would have wiped them both out.
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