FIA The FIA admits the controversy at the Abu Dhabi GP is “tarnishing the image of the Championship”


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everyone has been brainwashed in to thinking we must be told, and not take any personal responsibility or interpret anything.
By staggering coincidence this is the very discussion I had with someone on a training course we are developing at work.

We are trying to train the right behaviours and ensure people take responsibility.

The usual solution is to throw another rule at something or ban it outright.

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Jonathon Wheatley was fairly pleasant to me. he was a little dull though. He went in to a lot of details about heave dampers.


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admittedly there is nothing new. on that report that surprised anyone. or me, alot of i said is in that report. Micheal masi made human error & his job couldnt continue afterwards.

how that guilt doesnt fall upon 1 man. it was a group failure & horner, wheatley, Mercedes spokesman has to shoulder the blame with masi

rewatching abu dhabi through that feature they did on skyf1. as soon as Masi said " christian give me a minute" & Christian wouldnt shut up the writing was on the wall.
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It’s a total whitewash as expected.

prefference for green flag- of course no one wants an accident or a procession but that’s not that same as saying “throw the rules out of the window if we do need a safety car just so we get a wee green light somewhere on camera!”

results are final - that’s code to say “stop giving us negative publicity. We will take a dim view of it and the scrutineers will come down heavily at every race if you don’t just shut up and go away.”

human error - more code for it was not us, it was not premeditated so don’t even think about suing!

radio coms - code for you all caused it too you know….spread the blame as shit sticks to everyone.

different analysis - a tiny attempt to say yeah we could have written clearer rules…. But it does not explain why Masi interpreted them many times before but only on this one occasion decided to try a new freestyle rule Completely at odds with his own explanation only a year before.


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They were not going to say anything else having already removed Masi were they? Nor would they reverse the results and declare it on lap 57 but race void which Verstappen would still be world champion by the virtue of Masi awarding him the win for doing 2 parade laps at Spa


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you can say he got no protection from Jean Todt but really after the shambles of Spa he made a bigger cock up and really did not show enough balls in Interlagos and Jeddah
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