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1. Jim Clark won every Lotus victory from 1962 to the start of 1968. Graham Hill was the next man to win for them, but who won Lotus' last victory before Clark's first?

Innes Ireland at the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen

2. Which constructor has won the most races of the teams that have had all their wins from a single driver?

Matra, 9 wins, all Jackie Stewart

3. Which constructor has won the most races of the teams that have had all their wins in a single year?

Brawn GP, 8 wins, all 2009

4. The constructors with a single win in F1 are:

Kuzma [WC Indy 500], Porsche, Eagle, _______, Penske, Shadow, Stewart, BMW Sauber, Toro Rosso

Who is missing?


5. Which constructor has the most one-twos of the teams that have had all their one-twos from the same pair of drivers?

Red Bull, 8, all Seb 'n' Mark

6. Which constructor had most poles without ever winning a race?

Toyota with 3 [USA, Jpn 2005; Bhr 2009]

7. Since January 2007, how many times has a McLaren not driven by Lewis Hamilton sat on pole?

3, Alonso (Monaco, Monza 2007 - an unusual combination!), Kovalainen (Silverstone 2008)

8. Which team won the only Grand Prix they ever lead?

Penske and John Watson at the Osterreichring in 1976

9. Who set the first fastest lap in a Jordan?

Bertrand Gachot at the 1991 Hungarian GP! The other was Fisi in 1997!

10. Other than Mercedes, which constructor had a more than 30 year gap between entering one Grand Prix and their next?

Honda from 1967 to 2006, 578 Grand Prix missed!

773 GPs passed between Mercedes entry in the 1955 Italian Grand Prix and the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix. They technically replaced Juan Manuel Fangio with Michael Schumacher!
3 also. One of those quizzes where I'm sure I ought to have scored more, but unfortunately my brain tends to default to historical data and forget to consider the last five years! Surprising how many of those records were for occasions in the latter half of the noughties.
A miserable 2 for me. And I guessed at the second
(Matra) as they were entered by Tyrell, while Matra entered their own 12 cylinder cars as a separate team [/spolier]
A miserly 3 - should have done better :( Didn't claim a point for Q2 even though the answer is above...

Edit - fixed
Their 2006 incarnation only won once, but they won twice in the 1960s.

Gethin, you are not the first, and you won't be the last!
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